Coworkers holding a meeting in a conference room at Vibe Coworks
Vibe Coworks Conference Room

One of the most essential elements of a coworking space is the conference room. Without private meeting rooms and breakout spaces, you limit the way that your members communicate within their team and with clients. If your meeting room isn’t comfortable, convenient, and idea-inspiring, your coworking space may be falling short. Let’s take a look at what makes a meeting space a place that your members will want to be!

Comfort first. Have you ever suffered through a meeting with a chair that has you mentally scheduling a preemptive call with your chiropractor? Make sure that your chairs hold an ergonomic design. No matter how modern and beautiful they may enhance the aesthetic, if the chairs are causing people pain, it’s just not worth it. Choose seating that has adjustable height, armrests, and a cushioned seat. You’ll also want to make sure that your space is a comfortable temperature for everyone. If you notice members are bundled up in July you may want to take a quick poll in regards to your thermostat settings.

Don’t slack on technology. Coworkers tend to be techie, and nothing will drive them away like outdated functionality in your meeting space. In addition to having a large display monitor, make sure that you also have common adapters available, as well as newer technology like AirPlay so that people can easily share their laptop screens. Also, never underestimate the importance of having more than enough outlets in convenient places!

Booking made simple. Are you managing your conference room bookings in an efficient way? Proximity allows you to manage your meeting spaces with flexible (and user-friendly) booking technology. Mount a tablet outside your meeting space with our custom app to display upcoming bookings at a glance. Members can easily see if the room is currently in use, and even book quick drop-in reservations. Keep another tablet on your conference room table with our internal app to display wifi logins, let your members add more time to their bookings and alert them when their time is up. We think our conference room booking solutions are unbeatable and we’re happy to tell you more about it if you aren’t already using Proximity in your coworking space.

Clean it up. Occasionally all meeting spaces can use a deep clean. Have the carpets shampooed, wash the walls and steam the curtains. What good are those windows if they’re covered in spots? Does something smell funky? Try a gentle air freshener. The last thing you want to do is gross out your members and their clients, so give it some elbow grease!

Feelin’ it. Choose your vibe carefully. The color of the walls, the lighting and the artwork all play an important role in creating an overall Instagrammy vibe. Make sure that your decor is current, in good condition, and not overbearing. Soft lighting, tasteful wall paint and inspiring artwork can make all the difference in creating a productive work environment!

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