At the center of everything the owner of Philadelphia’s Task Up coworking space does is a knowledge and love of all things local to Philly. 

As an owner-operated coworking space in the heart of Philly run by a Philly-raised community manager, members and visitors can tap into years of local knowledge from the best local businesses to partner with to the best places to grab a beer. 

We love answering questions about the city and offer recommendations to unique dining experiences and entertainment to out of town guests,” said Owner Qing. 

Qing has lived in Philly for years and, prior to opening Task Up in June 2018, he worked for a company that specialized in business development for local brands (which teed him up perfectly for the coworking business). 

After a year of planning and brainstorming the design, Qing opened up the space in one of the ritziest neighborhoods of Philly. Task Up sits in the corner of a building on the second floor and takes up 3,040 square feet. Members get access to amenities such as coffee, fruit-infused water, phone booths, printers on demand, meeting rooms, and freelancer bars for collaboration.


Task Up encourages members to make an impact 

The best part of the Tasks Up community is the hustle of its members. Each morning, Qing walks in and hears the background music, videoconferences, phone calls, and conversations that wake the space up. 

Qing and his crew do everything they can to create an environment where members can channel this energy into creative, professional, and personal pursuits. 

This energy is unique. So unique that members have often stopped in their tracks when they first visit, released a deep breath, and said an audible “WOW!” according to Qing. 

But Task Up isn’t just about helping members make their businesses better, it also strives to encourage members to make both the space and the world better, too. 

Within the community space, Qing has seen members step up to help with dishes, clean up the space, show up on the weekends to work, and bring in their kids to create a more holistic culture. 

To make an impact beyond the walls of the coworking space, Task Up encourages its members to be carbon footprint neutral by using recyclable disposable cups, making reusable utensils available, and starting an adopt-a-plant initiative. 

So how can aspiring coworking space owners develop such an intentional, close-knit community? Qing recommends planning the space early on, from the details of the layout to the furniture to the events. That way, you can hit the ground running and focus on the people that fill your space. 

Task Up Coworking Philadelphia