Graphic for the importance of coworking events

Building community is what coworking is all about, bringing like-minded people together who show up to get shit done but stick around for the people. Keeping those communities strong is important and there’s no better way to keep others close than coworking events! Not only are events an enriching way for your coworking space to grow, but they allow the local community to join in and participate too.

At Proximity’s coworking spaces, multiple events are planned throughout the month, and they leave a lasting impact on the community. There are people who attend regularly, but you can always count on seeing new and curious faces. This is where the best networking takes place, and countless connections are made to sub-communities, cohorts, hobby groups, and niches. This expands the outreach and builds everlasting relationships! After the event, attendees naturally have a positive association with the coworking space because of the great connections that were made.

In addition to bringing people together, events are one of the best ways to attract potential new members to your space. Whether they hear about your event from a friend, social media, or in the news, you’re creating an opportunity to draw new faces to your coworking space. This is an amazing sales tool! These newcomers catch a glimpse of the community you’ve created, they experience the value of your space providing a forum for an event or topic that interests them, and they get an unofficial tour just by walking through your doors. Better yet, when these potential new members register for your event (whether it’s in advance or at the door), they become Community Members of your space and drop into your email sales funnel. This is a great way to stay in touch with them about future events and remind them that you’re there for them when they’re ready to upgrade to another membership type.

The impact that we see coworking events have on the community and a work environment is inspiring. People leave with a desire to further explore and dive deeper into the topic that was discussed. The feeling of wanting to change specific aspects of your life to become a better person mentally and physically is so positive, and even more so when it’s shared amongst fellow-community members. As a coworking space owner or manager, take the time to listen to others. Have the mindset that you are educating the public about something that they may know nothing about, understand why you are planning a specific event. And know that people will continue to return to appreciate the coworking space community.

Now that you have an idea of why events are so essential in making a coworking space thrive, we’re going to dig a bit deeper. Stay tuned, we’ll be rolling out three more blog posts about events that cover the planning process, promotion, and hosting. Happy coworking!