Room at Co-Balt Coworking Space

We’d like to introduce you to CO-BALT, a beautiful coworking space located in a 120-year-old church building in Baltimore, Maryland. Owner Josh Mente honored the original features of the building, keeping the stained glass and steeple while creating a modern, beautiful, bight, and airy space. Welcome to the Proximity Network, CO-BALT, we’re excited about the impact you’re going to make on Baltimore!

When did you open your coworking space and what enticed you to do so?
We run 3 small businesses (Real Estate Sales Team, Property Management, and a house flipping/rental property business) and we were looking for new space. In that quest we realized that we have the same problem most small businesses do… you are either too big or too small for your space. So we were looking at buildings and came across this amazing space in an old church. Problem was that it was 10k sq. ft and we couldn’t use all the space or afford it either. So I went to work trying to figure it out. The answer was let’s build a coworking space that our businesses are members of as well. Our Grand Opening is this evening 🙂 …. we opened February 15th.

Tell us about your space. How big is it? What kinds of amenities do you have? What sort of quirks make it special?
10k sq ft and it’s a 120 yr old church converted to an open concept office building. It has so much historic character and charm. Original stained glass and chapel ceilings. The entire building is stone and is on the main commercial strip in a neighborhood called Hampden. Its perfect environment for coworking space.

What is your favorite thing about operating a coworking space?
I love people… so its meeting new people and building a community. I feel like I am part of something bigger than just my businesses. We are helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Its been so full-filling from that aspect

What has been the most surprising/unexpected thing about operating a coworking space?
At how much people really crave and desire to be a part of something like this.

What’s your favorite story about one of your members?
There are so many and so new it’s hard to pick one out.

What is your biggest piece of advice for someone wanting to open a space?
Make sure that you use proximity to automate a lot of things. It’s more work than you think it will be…. and how vitally important getting marketing and social media up and running quickly. We are virally and organically getting people coming to us. Use the power of the internet to sell your amenities and space. Most importantly create a great culture and environment for everyone and protect that.

To learn more about Co-Balt:

First floor of Co-Balt Coworking space Photo of a workspace at Co-Balt Top floor of Co-Balt coworking space Conference room at Co-Balt