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ThePowerLab has joined the Proximity Network! Located in Southwest Yonkers, NY, this is where passions come together and collaboration happens. It’s filled with amazing local art, event space, lounges, and even home to a parent non-profit organization. We caught up with LaMont Badru to find out more about his coworking space!

When did you open your coworking space and what enticed you to do so?
We launched ThePowerLab in May 2017. The idea was sparked when our parent non-profit CGDC (Christian Game Developer’s Conference) conducted a needs assessment, surveying residents in Southwest Yonkers. The primary finding was that there was a lack of economic opportunity for many residents in the area. We launched ThePowerLab to create a space to promote economic growth and to fill the gaps that we felt existed in our area.

Tell us about your space. How big is it? What kinds of amenities do you have? What sort of quirks make it special?
ThePowerLab is roughly 2700 sq. ft. We have six offices, a hot desk/event area, lounge, kitchenette, and a small dining/cafe area. I think one of the unique things that make our space special is the artwork that we house. We always have amazing local art hanging at The Lab because of our relationships with local artists and because we frequently hold art exhibitions. The art really brings up the energy in our space and it’s usually the first thing that people who visit comment on.

What is your favorite thing about operating a coworking space?
One of the best things that make operating our space such an amazing experience is the community that we’re able to help build. We house a variety of passionate start-ups and community groups so it’s always really cool to see how all of our members who have diverse experiences and passions come together and collaborate.

What’s your favorite story about one of your members?
I have to say one of the biggest success stories has to be an organization here at The Lab called Inclusive Links. They provide services for families who have children with disabilities and when they first started it was just their director Churchill here with a desk. Since then they’ve grown to be an amazing organization that employs around 8 in office staff, and more than 60 caseworkers who work out in the field. Their success has been huge and it’s been amazing to witness.

What is your biggest piece of advice for someone wanting to open a space?
Once you determine the need, you just have to go for it. Of course, there will be risk involved but that’s with any businesses or start-up. I definitely think the reward of creating an amazing space and building a community of leaders and entrepreneurs outweighs the risk, and it will keep you motivated to progress.

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