It’s not easy running a coworking space. You’re working long hours and providing constant support on many different levels to those in your community. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it can easily start to wear on you and you may occasionally feel a little “burned out”. Space owners and managers recently joined us for a Coworking Community Call to talk about what we can do to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Attend Events Outside Your Coworking Space

The summer season is upon us now, which means summertime events in your community. Make sure to attend these events – a common one is farmer’s markets! At a farmer’s market, you’ll usually see some familiar faces and can easily start networking with the vendors participating. This opportunity is your time to articulate the benefits of coworking. Offer them a free day to work out of the space. Word-of-mouth marketing works wonders!

Get Connected with Other Groups in Your Community

Do some research within your area. Find out what types of groups meet weekly or monthly and attend one of their meetups. A good place to start would be the Chamber of Commerce in your area. Going to these group meetings is an opportunity to network and learn about what else your community might be interested in. Finding like-minded people who share similar ideas can be refreshing and can inspire you in ways you wouldn’t have expected. In turn, you can tell the community in your coworking space about these meetings and organizations to help them get some momentum.

Give out That Crazy Discount and Rejoice in a Win

One thing that can be a real struggle is actually getting people to come to your space. Max, at R Space in Durango, CO, suggested offering your friends a super discounted rate to work out of the space. This way, when potential new members show up, your space is filled with people! With more people, the energy and tone of your space will become more attractive. Max also said that he has partnered with the hotel next door to offer daily drop-in discounts to their guests! Get creative with the partnerships you make and the discounts you create.

Dedicate Some Time to Yourself

Overall, don’t forget the most important thing, yourself! Make it a priority to set aside an hour, morning, or night to just focus on you! Put this in your schedule so you can have that time uninterrupted. Also, try setting an intention for each day – what is the one thing you want to focus on all day? What is the first priority? Starting your day by getting that done will change your productivity and overall well-being!

More Tips
  • Create a structure for your day.
  • Set time-bound milestones and celebrate when you reach them.
  • Learn how to say “no” and wait for the best “YES”.
  • De-clutter, organize, or get rid of things that are stressing you out outside of work.
  • Let go of your rigid mindset — it’s killing your passion!
  • Surround yourself with inspiration.
  • Tackle what worries you first (eat the frog).
  • Get coffee with a like-minded individual going through similar circumstances and talk things through. Don’t bottle things up!
  • Disconnect/unplug from all technology connected to work at regular intervals in the day.
  • Get enough sleep!
  • Find the best balance between your work and personal life.
  • Ask for help and defer tasks. You don’t have to do it all yourself.
  • Take a vacation!
  • Get some exercise! It’s good for your physical & mental health.
  • Find a hobby to enjoy outside of work.
  • Build a great and strong team that you can trust to get things done when you are gone.