Coworking Community BBQ
We built the Proximity platform so you can focus on what is most important: your community. With more than 400 coworking spaces in the Proximity Network, every coworking space is unique. However, it’s not just the location or amenities you offer that make it that way, but your members. We asked the Proximity Network to share your favorite stories about your members, and here are five of our favorites. If you’re looking for examples of why the quality connections you create in your space should be your number one priority, look no further.

Community Support

Percolator Space – Norfolk, Virginia
Co-founder Bobby Wright’s favorite story is about helping veterans gain jobs from a tech company that was interested in a flex desk at Percolator Space. By explaining to the tech company that thousands of highly trained veterans were looking for local jobs in the tech sector, Bobby was able to facilitate relationships and encourage the tech company to consider their community as a growth market. Two years later, the tech company now has a full office because Bobby was able to introduce them to quality engineers. The low cost and low commitment of working out of Percolator space, and the support of the local community, allowed the tech firm to generate the business they needed locally and the confidence to stay.

Creating Together

Epicentral Coworking – Colorado Springs, Colorado
Co-captains Courtney and Frank shared one of their favorite stories around Springs Magazine. This lifestyle magazine got its start in Epicentral Coworking by two coworkers; an editor and a publisher. In creating this successful lifestyle magazine they’ve worked together with photographers, writers, and artists in the coworking space to make Springs Magazine a staple in their city.

Encouraging Dreams

WacoWork – Waco, Texas
Space owner Caroline Thorton’s favorite story was of a member who had finished her master’s degree in social work and joined WacoWork before the space had opened its doors. Once the space opened, this member quickly connected with other coworkers who supported her dream of starting a non-profit that provides resources for caregivers. Other members helped create her logo, website, and even joined her board of directors.

Sharing Ideas

Ketchum Innovation Center – Ketchum, Idaho
Communications director Emmi Buck shared that a local entrepreneur came to her space feeling stuck and not knowing how to move forward with an idea. The member presented this concept and research to the coworking community, and quickly got members of the Ketchum Innovation Center to share his passion for the idea. Having been working on his concept alone, and not having a supportive group of entrepreneurs, he was introduced to people that helped him take his idea to the next level. Together they planned events that discussed funding options and other startup education events. The community worked together and got to see him go from nearly giving up, to full-speed ahead with a supported plan.

Forming Friendships

The Fellow Coworking – Manhattan, Kansas
Co-founder Josh Hicks from the Fellow Coworking talks about a sub-community of women that formed in his space. One member had moved from New Orleans with her husband and was working remotely until she toured the space and signed up the same day. Over two years later, that same member had her first child, with another member assisting as her doula. Many other female members surrounded her from day one, and they’ve created a tight-knit group. They go to lunch together, have coffee dates, and continue to support one another in both professional and personal endeavors.

These stories of growth and support within our coworking communities are perfect examples of why we’re in this industry. Sharing ideas, dreams, and coffee are the reasons why coworking is near and dear to our hearts. Do you have a favorite member story? Share it in the comments below.