Right now you can’t go anywhere without hearing about COVID-19. As businesses and schools are closing and many public events are being cancelled, we too are navigating the impacts of coronavirus and taking careful precautions to protect our staff and our coworking space members.

To keep our three Colorado coworking spaces open, operating and healthy for our staff and members we’ve implemented the following:

  • Coworking spaces are open to members and are closed to the public. During this time there are no drop-ins or tours accepted.
  • We are diligently performing daily wipe down of surfaces, doorknobs and light switches with Clorox wipes (while wearing disposable gloves).
  • Spaces are stocked with Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, hand soap, antibacterial dish soap and tissues.
  • Paper towels are provided near all sinks, even for bathrooms that have air dryers.
  • Waste bins in restrooms are moved near the door.
  • Shared snack programs are suspended and we’ve removed candy dishes from the front desk.
  • Kitchens are stocked with disposable cups, silverware and plates.
  • We’ve cross-trained our staff to be able to do all of these tasks should our community manager or cleaners fall ill.
  • Signs are in place to remind staff and coworking space members to frequently wash their hands. The CDC recommends washing hands for at least 20 seconds (sing the ABC’s or the chorus to your favorite rock ballad).
  • We’ve ensured our cleaning company is using disinfecting processes. They are also cleaning more frequently.
  • We’ve extended membership renewal dates and rolled over paid coworking days should members need to stay home.
  • Member communication is increased in our virtual channels (Slack, email newsletters, social media) to keep members updated with the precautions we’ve taken.

Most importantly, we require coworking space members to stay home if anyone is not feeling well or showing any cold or flu symptoms.

We will pay sick staff for time off and have a plan to be flexible if they run out of PTO.

Proximity wishes everyone good health and would love to hear about what you’re doing to keep those in your coworking space healthy.