Moab’s first official coworking space helps fund local arts programming

Moab Coworking Space in Moab, Utah provides affordable, shared office space for creative and business professionals. Located within the Moab Arts and Recreation Center, Moab Coworking Space was the first official coworking space in Moab and was born out of a growing community need for workspace. A community-oriented organization, revenue from the Moab Coworking Space helps fund local arts programming. This year, the organization received grant funding to further expand the accessibility of the space and enhance it. We caught up with Liz Holland, Arts and Special Events Manager for the City of Moab for a quick Q&A about what makes the space unique.

Why did you decide to open a coworking space?

We felt like our building was really under utilized during the day and felt there was a growing need for a space like this in Moab.

Tell us about your space. What kinds of amenities does it have? What makes it unique?

Our space is unique because we are actually an old church made into an Art Center. We are very centrally located and in the downtown area.  We have a full operating kitchen, new desks, comfy chairs and a beautiful side yard for people to spread out and work outside as well. We are still working to continue making up grades currently.

What is your favorite thing about operating a coworking space? 

Seeing the building being more utilized, meeting new people on their travels and learning all the feedback from our users.

What’s your favorite story about one of your members?

Justin Telech, from North Carolina, worked in our space in May of 2021 and returned again for the month of October. He developed relationships with many of our building users and staff. He stayed in contact sending pictures of his travels with our maintenance crew. I really enjoyed seeing that unsuspecting friendship evolve.

What has been the most surprising or unexpected thing about operating a coworking space?

The overall growing need for a space like this in rural Moab.

What advice would you offer to someone wanting to open a coworking space?

Be patient as everyone gets familiar with new software and listen to any and all feedback provided by users. It can be very helpful for making changes.

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