A nomad travels to a coworking space


We talk about the importance of building community, time and time again. However, a community can be viewed differently from the eyes of a daily drop-in who is visiting your coworking space. Community Managers often do a great job of welcoming a daily drop-in with a tour and getting them set up for a successful day of work. But how can we truly make them feel welcome and comfortable? Here are some steps that we take in our own coworking spaces to set visitors up for success.


Ask them about themselves.

Where are they from? What do they do for a living? Do they work out of coworking spaces often? And how did they hear about your space? An engaging conversation like this is naturally welcoming and equips a Community Manager with important information moving forward.


Make introductions.

Take what you’ve now learned about this visitor and choose a few members in your space that you think would be most compatible for an introduction. This could be a member who is in a similar line of work, grew up in the same area, or simply tends to be the most friendly by nature.


Inform your community.

Whether it’s in a Slack channel, Facebook group, or intimate email blast, let your members know that you have a visitor! Include the important details that you’ve already learned and encourage them to welcome this guest to your space personally.


Overall, make sure that those dropping in do not feel uncomfortable, ignored, or out-of-place. They chose to work out of your coworking space instead of a coffee shop for a reason! As we watch the nomadic workforce progress, we want to make sure that our industry continues to be a great resource for those who travel and work.