Man Productive in Coworking

By now we all know how amazing coworking spaces are, but what if we told you there was a way to make them even better with very little effort? 

There has been plenty of research that shows us that even very small factors can affect one’s productivity. We’re going to talk about how changing the stimulus of three of the human senses within your space can have a dramatic difference on a workday. You’ll really begin to sense productivity!



Let’s start off with our sense of sight. Your space can create different feelings, emotions, and overall vibes in the way that it’s presented. The color scheme can be really instrumental in defining a mood, as different colors create different reactions in the brain. For instance, if someone walks into a completely white room, they might feel like they are at the doctor’s office, which let’s be honest, isn’t the warmest feeling. Here’s an article that looks at the different effects of colors in the office. Our favorites are:

  • Blue is best for detailed-oriented tasks and it inspires the mind. It creates a relaxing and soothing tone throughout the office.
  • Yellow or Orange are best for creative tasks. These bright colors are often linked to the feeling of happiness and warmth (like the sun).
  • Red is best for physical tasks. It creates a sense of urgency, which is one reason it’s used in a lot of marketing campaigns.
  • Green, especially lighter shades, can help calm the feeling of stress or anxiety. Similar to the color blue, it elicits a calming feeling.

Does the thought of painting your coworking space make your head spin? Well, we have a couple of other ways that you can improve productivity from a visual standpoint.

  • Lighting can play a big role. Try moving away from those intense fluorescent lights and opening up some blinds. Many coworking spaces have an open-office layout which provides a lot of soothing, natural light.
  • Plants are the simplest way to increase productivity and mood while sitting at your desk. A study on the benefits of indoor plants showed that people with plants in their office space have a higher performance score and cognitive attention than people without plants.



Scent probably doesn’t come to mind when creating a coworking space, or even when thinking about increased productivity, but could you focus if you were working in the lobby of a movie theater with the scent of buttery popcorn and hot dogs wafting about? Probably not. There are plenty of ways to test out scents in your space whether it be with candles (mind the fire hazard!), essential oils/diffuser or other air fresheners. Below is a list of scents to try out, and we recommend to always keep them subtle! 

  • Lemon promotes concentration. It also has a clean association and helps with stress and anxiety.
  • Lavender or Jasmine are both often used in spas as they calm nerves and treat headaches. Increased relaxation increases productivity!
  • Rosemary is shown to improve memory. This scent is great to use first thing in the morning as it has stimulating properties.
  • Peppermint is best used while brainstorming. This scent has properties that promote clear-thinking.



Finally, let’s talk about sound. You might be thinking it’s a no-brainer, as none of us can concentrate around a construction zone, but there’s much more to it than the level of noise. Many coworking spaces have mellow music playing throughout the space, and we’ve got some ideas for mixing up those calming coffee house tunes!

  • Music without lyrics can be really great for productivity. Lyrics can prove to be distracting, similar to background conversations and can interrupt the brain’s thought process.
  • Classical music is commonly used by people when trying to focus, since studies have shown that it can increase one’s concentration.
  • Video game soundtracks are surprisingly popular for improving focus and you can find a wide variety, from slow and chill to fast-paced.
  • Nature sounds and white noise are always a good go-to. They create a calm environment and allow for optimal focus.
  • Coworking playlists do all the work for you. Stay tuned, we’re working on some good ones to share with you soon!


That’s all! We hope you found these tips and tricks helpful for increasing productivity, reducing stress and creating an overall calm environment. Now go into that awesome coworking space of yours and throw in some plants, turn on that diffuser, play those tunes, and get to work!