Coworking Software Features

Membership Management

Coworking Space Membership Management-Gravitate Coworking

Set flexible membership types, manage member profiles and offer shared memberships for multiple members who are billed under a single account. Manage punch passes, drop-ins and full-time memberships across single or multiple coworking space locations. Keep track of contact emails so you can follow up with prospective members.

Visitor Management

Proximity Wave is your digital concierge for member and guest check-ins. Manage requests for tours or notify your members when guests or deliveries arrive. Proximity Wave is included with the Proximity platform—all you need to do is set up a tablet by your door or front desk.

Internet Access Control

Internet Access Control

With a Meraki or Radius integration, Proximity connects directly to your enterprise-level network hardware enabling you to provide or restrict access based on membership level. Users can’t connect to the internet at your coworking space unless their membership is active and current.

Conference Room Booking

Enable your members to book conference rooms, phone booths or event space with Proximity coworking software. Based on membership types you create, configure the available access, time and rates for your reservable resources, or require manager approval for reservations.

In-Meeting Management

With an iPad set up in your conference room, Proximity Room View allows you to display guest Wi-Fi logins and allows your members to check in for their reservations. Members can also add more time to a reservation and are notified when the reserved time is almost up.

On-Demand Reservations

Do your members ask you if or when a conference room is available? Mount a tablet in front of your busiest rooms and display upcoming bookings at a glance. Your members will easily see when a room is in use. If it’s not, members can book it instantly.

Event Management

Increase your event attendance by letting members know what’s happening at your coworking space. Share your event on the Proximity platform, allow members and guests to register, and easily check in your attendees upon arrival.

Member Benefit Listing

If you have partnerships with local businesses that provide discounts or special offers to your members, promote these added perks with the Proximity platform. Benefits can be customized to the membership levels you create.

Member Directory

To help members connect and network at your coworking space, Proximity offers member profile management and search. Members can include their picture, bio, skills and contact information to make new connections with potential collaborators.

Billing and Payments

Bill your members automatically and accept credit card or ACH payments. If a payment fails, we’ll send the member an alert and try to re-bill, saving you time chasing down membership fees. You can also automate billing for add-on amenities or membership upgrades, or apply membership discounts.

Analytics and Reporting

Quickly view invoices by date or member and leverage CSV exports to pull your transactions into accounting systems such as Quickbooks and Xero. You can also view revenue for reservable resources to understand utilization of conference rooms or event spaces.

Customized Branding

Display your brand’s logo and colors plus images of your coworking space within the Proximity platform and mobile app to create a consistent member experience. Your coworking space’s name displays in member emails, billing statements and you’ll have a custom domain for your Proximity coworking software site.

Digital Door Access for Coworking Spaces

Proximity Open

Proximity Open is a digital door access system that allows managers to assign, control and track door access at the membership level. This solution is fully integrated with Proximity coworking software so you don’t have to maintain a separate door access system.

Manager Features

  • Offer 24/7 access to your members based on membership type
  • Set door access schedules based on membership type
  • Know exactly who’s entering your coworking space and when
  • Lock or unlock doors remotely from any location
  • Manage up to four doors with a single door controller
  • Compatible lock types include electric strike or maglock

Member Features

  • Unlock the doors at your coworking space with the Proximity iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Access your coworking space 24/7 or on any schedule included with membership
  • Come and go from your coworking space without needing a manager to open or unlock the doors
  • Digital keys and door access are automatically removed with an expired membership so there are no key fobs to return back to a manager


Create the best experience for your members with advanced Cisco Meraki integration enabling just-in-time networks for conference rooms, group policies and more.

Enterprise-grade RADIUS integration gives you the flexibility to merge the business-class networking hardware you need with the ease-of-use that Proximity provides.

Connect to Mailchimp to keep your contact list updated for email communications to your members.

Sync your conference room and reservable resource bookings to track and display inventory availability at your coworking space.

Manage member billing and payment information securely and reliably, and receive payouts directly in your bank account.


The essential capabilities and features you need to manage your coworking space

Membership management
Invoicing, billing and reporting
Wi-Fi access control
Conference room management
Event scheduling and promotion

Visitor and greeting management
Multi-location support
Member mobile apps for iOS and Android
Branding and customization for your coworking space

Up to 40 Active Members


+payment processing

Up to 85 Active Members


+payment processing

Up to 150 Active Members


+payment processing

Up to 250 Active Members


+payment processing

More than 250 Active Members


a quote

Payment Processing

2.9% + 30¢ per credit card transaction
1% for ACH

2.9% + 30¢ per credit card transaction

1.75% + 30¢ per credit card transaction

New Zealand
2.9% + 30¢ per credit card transaction

Proximity Open Door Access

$49/month per coworking space location

$499 USD per door controller hardware unit

Each unit controls up to four doors

Meraki Hardware and Licenses

Meraki Wi-Fi hardware and licenses are available through Proximity. Speak with our team for details and pricing.

Orders can also be completed online via your Proximity site. To order, visit the Order tab from the main menu.

Support & Training

Customer support packages to deliver amazing service to coworking and flexible spaces of every size

*Response times are to initial request. Complete solutions may take additional time for research or development needs. Quotas and times do not rollover.

Basic Support

For the do-it-yourself user or small coworking space


24/7 Access to Prox Docs

Live Chat 9a - 5p MST

Extended Live Chat for Critical Issues

8-hour response time

Onboarding Support

Two 1:1 onboarding calls (30 min each)

30 days of email support during onboarding

Membership import from third-parties including Stripe Transfers

Extended Support

Extra support and guidance when you need it

$99 / month

24/7 Access to Prox Docs

Live Chat 8a - 6p MST

Extended Live Chat for Critical Issues

2-hour response time

Up to 3 audio or video support calls per month

Onboarding Support

Three 1:1 onboarding calls (30 min each)

30 days of email support during onboarding

Membership import from third-parties including Stripe Transfers

Premium Support

Dedicated, comprehensive, priority support

$299 / month

24/7 Access to Prox Docs

Live Chat 8a - 6p MST

Extended Live Chat for Critical Issues

1-hour response time

Up to 6 audio or video support calls per month

24/7 Door Connectivity Monitoring

2 Hours of Monthly support for Wi-Fi networks and door access

Onboarding Support

Four 1:1 onboarding calls (30 min each)

60 days of email support during onboarding

Membership import from third-parties including Stripe Transfers

Additional Services

Member Training

90-minute live video training to teach your members how to use the Proximity platform

Additional Onboarding Support
$85 per hour

Extra help with onboarding questions or training
Billed in 15-minute increments with 30-minute minimum

IT Support
$125 per hour

Wi-Fi management, network access, digital door controller support
Billed in 15-minute increments with 30-minute minimum

Custom Reporting
Available upon request at an hourly rate for fully customized reports for your coworking space

Manager Training for New Customer

This single-day session provides a comprehensive Proximity platform demo for managers, plus an in-depth Q&A session to address initial platform and process questions. We’ll review the most common member scenarios so that community managers can confidently use the Proximity platform to:

  • Create membership types and billing rates
  • Manage door access and set door schedules
  • Manage Wi-Fi access, captive portal and troubleshoot network issues
  • Help new members register and onboard
  • Manage reservable resources such as conference rooms and phone booths
  • Create events and manage event attendees
  • Manage invoices
  • Use the Mailchimp integration to send member newsletters and announcements
  • Access Intercom and Proximity documentation for support

We’ll also cover common use cases in the Proximity platform and apps including:

  • When to use Shared Memberships and when to use Team
  • The difference between Proximity Nomad and Guest Passes
  • How to use Proximity Wave for guest management
  • How to use Proximity Room View for conference room management

$500 for single-day configuration and training for up to three managers
$100 for each additional manager

New Staff Training for Existing Customers

For coworking spaces that have already completed onboarding with Proximity but have new staff to train, this session will teach your managers how to navigate your Proximity site and use the platform effectively. We’ll provide a comprehensive Proximity software demo and address initial platform and process questions. We’ll also review the most common member scenarios so that community managers can confidently use the Proximity platform to support members.

$150 for two-hour training