Operations Manager Graphic


  • We are a fun-loving team, and we all like each other a lot. We want you to like us and we want to like you. We’ll be spending a lot of time together, after all.
  • You need a good attitude, you must be kind. Culture is important, as is diversity.
  • Speaking of diversity, we mean it. We know that increasing diversity among our team will lead to better products and better experiences for our customers—coworkers are everyone. We embrace that.
  • And speaking of our customers, we love them and they know it. In return they love us! We know because we’re always meeting new people who reach out because our customers raved about Proximity. We bend over backwards to get them what they need. Sometimes a request doesn’t make sense, but usually if you dig deep enough you can find a legitimate problem that we are uniquely positioned to solve. We never want to lose that focus.
  • Be honest. Always. Nobody has time for second guessing.
  • We’re a tech company, so we need you to be computer and internet-savvy and comfortable with learning new software.
  • We work remote-ish. Our team is stationed throughout Colorado with the majority being in Montrose and Grand Junction. We communicate a lot through Slack and various other platforms.


What You’ll Do

As the Operations Manager you’ll coordinate and manage multiple projects for our fast-moving tech company. You’ll work with the heads of all departments to implement systems ensuring that our company runs smoothly and efficiently. You have an expert ability to organize and care about the details. You’ll be working quickly on multiple projects from sales to project management to HR and everything in between.

This position works directly with our Chief Operating Officer to make certain that the operations of the company are healthy, efficient and as effective as possible. From time to time you may be required to step in to lead a team in one of our departments or take on the project management of one of our software development initiatives. You’ll organize, delegate and report on metrics for those teams and projects.


Who You Are 

You’re an organizational nerd. You love putting systems in place and helping others keep themselves organized. You love spreadsheets and sweat the details. You see the minutiae of anything you’re working on and naturally look ahead to predict what you’ll need six steps down the road. You’re awesome. You love working with people and you have strong leadership skills. You’re flexible. You can step into a project and move it forward. You’re a multi-tasker. You work at a quick speed and can manage several things at once. You don’t get overwhelmed easily. You’re a self starter. You’re a problem solver.  Working for a startup means that all of us wear several hats and you’re excited about that. You’ll notice an issue and find a solution for it. You love technology. You’re not afraid to use it, seek it out and implement it in our company.


The Perks

  • A competitive salary and opportunities to grow and advance.
  • Full membership in all of our company owned coworking spaces.
  • A fun and inclusive atmosphere with cool people who want to make the world better.
  • Flexibility. We’re more concerned that you’re working hard, meeting expectations and reliable than the schedule that you keep. Some positions may be more rigid than others, but there is usually a solution that works for everyone.
  • Generous vacation and personal days.
  • In general the dress code is just be you. From time to time even we startup-types have to fancy it up a little though.
  • Company outings and get togethers happen whenever possible, and we’re pretty sure ours are less awkward than Dunder Mifflin Parties.
  • There’s usually some new swag floating around and you can usually snag some.
  • The coffee is always flowing. We are a coworking company, after all.
  • If your dog is cool, well-behaved and likes others, you can probably bring them to work.
  • Freedom to innovate and bring your ideas to the table. Good decisions are not just top-down. We want diversity of opinion, and in fact, we expect it.
  • Travel. We have three coworking spaces in Western Colorado and a bunch more across the country. You’ll have opportunities to travel to these and other spaces.
  • Whether you’re single or have a family, your life outside of Proximity is important to us. We all make sacrifices and pull long hours at times, and work-life balance is part of our culture.
  • Relocation assistance may be available.


The Expectations

  • Nobody loves meetings, but sometimes they’re really helpful. We do regular stand-ups, one-on-ones and team discussions. You’re expected to attend the ones that are applicable to you, in person whenever possible.
  • In general, 5 days a week should be spent working at either our Montrose or Grand Junction coworking spaces. It’s just good for team dynamics to be in the same place.
  • You’ll be a representative of Proximity whether you want to be or not. We ask that you represent us well. The more visible/high-profile your position, the more this matters.
  • We expect you to treat everyone with respect. Note, this doesn’t mean you have to agree with them. We also hope and encourage you to demand respect from those around you. Nobody should feel unsafe or unwelcome.
  • If your role is one that sometimes requires quick action (e.g. fixing bugs that affect our customers or addressing a customer’s problem), we want to know when you’ll be unavailable. As long as we have good coverage, you can get away from it all and turn the phone off. Good planning and communication is key here. Occasionally this might mean dropping everything and getting on the laptop or even making an emergency trip in to the office to solve a problem.
  • This isn’t always a 9-5 job. There are often reasons why we deviate from that schedule. You’ll need to be flexible with your time.

Who We Are

Proximity is a young but fast-growing tech company. We make software and hardware that makes managing coworking spaces easy. We began as three coworking spaces in Western Colorado and have grown into a powerful platform of community-minded hardware and software that powers spaces across the world. Our ever-growing Proximity Network of coworking spaces and location-neutral workers has defined the growing coworking industry. We believe that connecting remote workers through physical, local spaces builds community, connection, and collaboration and that these connections are essential to the future of the modern workforce.

To learn more about us check out our Core Values and About Us pages on our website. To learn more about who you’ll be working with, check out our kick-ass team.