introducing $99 pricing

When we started Proximity, we set out to do three things: be the best solution for your space, simplify pricing, and be affordable. Today we’re taking that to the next level. 


Yep! That includes the whole enchilada—every single one of our features in one affordable, easy-to-understand price.

We’re excited to introduce this simpler, more affordable pricing for the Proximity Platform. You will pay standard payment processing fees, but now it doesn’t matter how big or how fast you grow, you’ll only pay $99*/month for everything our coworking software offers! 

We’re thrilled about what this change means for your space, the Proximity Network, and coworking in general. We know the future of coworking is bright and we feel honored that we get to be a part of your community and your future!

Happy Coworking,
The Proximity Team 

*Pricing varies based on country. For a full list see our updated pricing page.

P.S. Do you have questions? Reach out to your Coworking Consultant or start a chat in Intercom!