July 2018 Proximity Team Photo

Startup life is nothing if not nimble and ever-changing. Companies like ours thrive when we adapt to changes in the market and within our teams. Proximity is no different, and I may be biased, but I think we have one of the most adaptable teams I’ve ever seen.

That is why I’m eager to announce several changes that are going to take Proximity to a higher level as we enter this next phase of our story.

Dennis Lankes cofounded Proximity as our Chief Operations Officer and has always embodied the heart and soul of our mission. It’s no coincidence that I’ve heard those word used to describe him from most of the team. He was the first to envision a coworking space in Western Colorado, and in many ways, it is his love for the people that we serve that has set the tone for our one-of-a-kind relationships with our customers.

Dennis’ vision has always been aimed higher than running the operations of the company. When he sees opportunities, they benefit not only our company but our customers as well.

I’m excited to announce that Dennis is moving into the role of Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) within Proximity. Dennis, in his position, is tasked with all matters related to the heart and vision of the organization. His focus will be pivotal to Proximity’s ability to meet the upcoming challenges of the company and the coworking industry. I can’t wait to see how his vision continues to impact our customers.

Over the past several months it has become clear that one person has taken on the mission of organizing and driving projects forward. Allison Blevins, hired to become our Chief Marketing Officer, has quickly become the primary source of information concerning what is happening and what anyone should be doing in our company. Hardly anything happens within Proximity without Allison’s knowledge and supporting assistance.

Her passion, dedication, and leadership have been invaluable as we’ve continued to innovate and build new features. It requires an exceptional level of organization to manage our team, 29 and growing, and keep our plans on track. Allison has helped to reshape the way we work and brought required, scale-able structure to our staff.

I’m excited to announce that Allison Blevins has been named Proximity’s Chief Operations Officer. I am confident that she will continue to bring the leadership and structure that has become so vital to our team.

These are exciting days for Proximity. I’m thrilled for our team, and I’m excited for our customers. We have big things ahead, and I can’t wait to share it all very soon.

– Josh Freed, CEO