Guest Pass vs Proximity Nomad Graphic


Finding a way to efficiently work while traveling, that’s the goal. At Proximity, we have a couple of different ways for coworkers to find this work/travel balance. Here’s what you need to know about Guest Pass and Proximity Nomad and what’s different about them:

Guest Pass
Guest Pass is an incredible feature available to members of coworking spaces in the Proximity Network who pay a recurring membership fee of $99 or more per month. It allows these members to visit other coworking spaces within the network a total of three times per month for free. These visits may be all used at the same space, or at multiple spaces, and they do not roll over to the next month, so encourage your members to use them if they have them available!

To ensure that your space has opted into Guest Pass, edit the membership parameters to your recurring memberships billing over $99 and click “Includes Guest Pass”. Guest Pass is reciprocal – if you offer it to your members, you are choosing to allow other Guest Pass users to visit your space.

If you offer Guest Pass to your members, it is really important that you let them know about this benefit to their membership. Members are often thrilled to know they have access to so many coworking spaces on the map!

Proximity Nomad
Proximity Nomad is a traveling membership that works great for people who often find themselves on the road, either for business or for pleasure! Members who don’t have a home base coworking space can purchase monthly credits which can be applied to visiting coworking spaces around the globe on the Proximity Nomad map. Any coworking space is able to easily add themselves to the Nomad map, whether they’re in the Proximity Network or not. All you have to do is sign up your space, determine your desired payout, make sure your Stripe account is linked… and that is it! When a Nomad comes by, they apply their credits and Proximity reimburses you at the time of their visit. It is a win-win! If you haven’t yet added your coworking space to the Proximity Nomad map, click here!

Now you know the difference and can effectively communicate the best way to work and travel to your coworkers! Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions, in fact, we love questions! Our team is always happy to help you and your members understand our features. Happy travels and happy coworking!