A Message from Proximity CEO Josh Freed

March 31, 2020

These last few weeks have been a challenge. I am sure I could stop there and relate to everyone in any industry. These times are putting leadership to the test and forcing the evaluation of every assumption under which companies have operated. 

While it’s impossible to know how long the current health crisis and resulting economic downturn will last, we have seen and continue to expect significant impacts to our industry. In the short term, nearly all coworking spaces are temporarily closed to the public and are only allowing usage for current members, or are closed altogether until stay-at-home mandates are lifted. Events are cancelled, postponed or moving to an online format. Monthly membership billing and revenue from drop-in guests, events and conference room bookings are all impacted, as are revenue-generating amenities such as mail delivery, parking and childcare services.

We’ve been in contact with many of our customers over the past two weeks to provide additional support, to simply be available to listen and to offer advice when we can. Our customers are making decisions about how to support members today, and figuring out how to prepare for the months ahead knowing that adjustments and difficult decisions must be made to weather these unprecedented times.

We don’t have all the answers, but we do know the Proximity Network is made up of nearly 75,000 members who want your coworking spaces to re-open. They want you to gather and engage a strong, professional network. They want you to help form connections. They want you to facilitate collaboration, new ideas and new connections we can’t fully attain from the confines of our homes. If one thing is clear right now, it’s how much we all truly crave community.

Now more than ever, I believe our mission of connecting people to places is critical to the workforce and the future of flexible work. For Proximity, our job is to continue laying the foundation for tens of thousands of workers to find community in the Proximity Network. Our job is to prepare to support the companies that have been forced to accelerate the speed at which they adopt remote and flex work policies. Our job is to remain here for you, the Proximity Network, for the long haul.

This is why yesterday we made the incredibly difficult yet prudent decision to reduce our staff and our expenses. Saying goodbye to any teammate is painful. It’s especially tough when it’s the talented, caring and hard-working people we’ve been lucky to have on our team. However, we must adapt to challenges and rise to the expectations that we hold so dearly at the core of our company. 

We’ll continue to prioritize best-in-class support for our customers and an excellent onboarding experience. We’ve released more than a dozen new features in the last two weeks to help coworking spaces navigate issues arising from COVID-19. We intentionally worked to preserve our development team in order to keep our product moving forward throughout these challenging times. We’ll continue to be positioned to offer you the strongest, fastest-growing platform and network in the coworking industry, and we’ll still be here for you on the other side of the chaos our world is experiencing.

Thank you for being part of the Proximity Network and this incredible coworking community.

Josh Freed
Chief Executive Officer, Proximity