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Things move fast around here. From the start, Proximity has been laser focused on creating the best, easiest and most powerful platform to run coworking spaces. We didn’t start with ambitions to affect coworking spaces all across the world. We just wanted an easier way to take care of our members, and we believed we knew the right team to make it happen.

Here we are, two years later, and we could have not predicted our growth when we were just getting started. So, things move fast, and we’re always changing. Our development team releases an something like four new features every two weeks. Some of those are big, game-changing additions like one-time charges, better conference room booking or even membership add ons. Other times, the features are small, and you may not even notice them. But we know they make your life better because we use the software everyday at our spaces, and we feel the difference too!

I’m particularly excited about the latest change, taking place today. Our look! As the Chief Creative Officer and branding snob for Proximity, I have long had a vision for a clean, updated look for our company and our software. Today we’re taking the first step towards that vision.

We’ll be rolling this change out in phases, but our first order of business has been to update our logo everywhere it appears online. This website is also brand new! It’s pretty simple today, but we’ve designed it for growth, and we will be adding tons of new content to make it easier for you to find what you need and to stay connected with us.

The next, bigger phase will be to take our new branding to the Proximity Platform. The site that your members know and love is going to get a major overhaul over the coming months to make it easier to use and better able to grow. Oh, and don’t worry about your branding getting lost in the change. We’re actually going to be bringing new features to the platform that give you even more options for customization. We want your website to feel like you and as we move forward, expect to see even more opportunities to let your own brand shine!

That’s it for now.

We love coworking with you!

Josh Hudnall