School of Coworking: Founders – Fall 2019

Week 1
Introduction – Finding Your WHY

8/28/2019, 9am MDT

Are you telling your best story? If you are focused on what you’re doing instead of why you’re doing it, you’re leaving a lot on the table. People are inspired by vision and creating a compelling story around why you do what you do can mean the difference between succeeding and merely existing.


Brian Watson of Proximity

Brian Watson

Director of Community Development & Co-Founder at Proximity


Week 2
Business Model Canvas

9/4/2019, 9am MDT

A good business model can mean the difference between success and failure, but they take a lot of time to build. The Business Model Canvas is a powerful tool that will allow you to build out your business model in just a couple of hours. For those who have already created a business plan, gain new ideas on how to refine and improve your current plan.

Georgann Jouflas, Colorado Mesa University Business School

Week 3
Pro Forma

9/11/2019, 9am MDT

How are you doing financially? How long is it going to be until you break even? How much should you expect to profit from your space? All of these are great questions and can be easily answered by having a strong financial plan in place. We’ll walk through a few simple forms that will help you identify exactly where you are at and what to expect financially from your coworking space.

Joshua Boone of Cova Cowork

Joshua Boone

COO and Co-Founder at Cova Cowork

Week 4
Identifying Your Target Market

9/18/2019, 9am MDT

Every coworking space is different, and that’s the best part about our industry! Your uniqueness allows you to attract a specific type of customer. Learn to identify your ideal customers and build service offerings specifically around their needs.


Aaron Landau, owner of EVO3 Workspace

Aaron Landau

Founder & Managing Director at EVO3 Workspace

Week 5
Funding Your Coworking Space

9/25/19, 9am MDT

It can be daunting to think about how to raise the funds needed to start up a coworking space. Learn various ways to generate the money that you need no matter what stage your coworking space is in.


Josh Freed, CEO of Proximity

Week 6
What to Look for in a Community Manager

10/2/19, 9am MDT

Join one of the industry’s top-performing community managers and a coworking space owner/operator in an informational and inspirational panel. Discover what it takes to be a successful community manager and what roles they take on in their space.

Nina Khosravi of Forty45 Coworking

Nina Khosravi

Community Manager at Forty45 Coworking


Zak Griffith Desktop Coworking

Zak Griffith

Founder and Community Manager at Desktop Coworking

Week 7
Space Design, Buildout, and Features

10/9/19, 9am MDT

We all want our space to be beautiful, functional and inviting. Learn about the most important things you can do to create an environment that people want to work in. For those who already have their space built out, learn unique ways to make changes, improvements, and updates to your space that will thrill your members!


Veronica Littleton of Knoll

Veronica Littleton

Architecture & Design Manager for Knoll, Inc.


Week 8
Programming and Events

10/16/19, 9am MDT

Coworking is about the community you build inside and outside your walls. Most often, your community develops around the events you produce in your space. Learn what makes a great event and hear about the kinds of events and programs that have been successful in a top-performing coworking space.

Cat Wile of Wayfinder

Cat Wile

Director of Events at Wayfinder Co-op


Week 9
Marketing and PR

10/23/19, 9am MDT

Creating strong, top-of-mind awareness within your community is an important factor for keeping your space filled. We’ll give you some traditional and not-so-traditional ways of creating strong marketing and PR for your space.

Tiffany Anton of The Biz Foundry

Tiffany Anton

Director of Engagement & Outreach at The Biz Foundry


Week 10
Pre-Sales and Building Your Pipeline

10/30/19, 9am MDT

Do you have a strong sales process? Learn the importance of building a system that helps you reach your goals and keeps your space full at all times. Not open yet? We’ll also give you tips on how to pre-sell your space before opening day!

Geoff Wood of Gravitate Coworking

Geoff Wood

Founder and Community Builder at Gravitate Coworking