School of Coworking: Community Managers Fall 2019

Week 1 
Introduction – Finding Your WHY

8/29/19, 9am MDT

Are you telling your best story? If you are focused on what you are doing instead of why you are doing it, you are leaving a lot on the table. People are inspired by vision and creating a compelling story around why you do what you do can mean the difference between succeeding and merely existing.

Headshot of Brian Watson, Director of Community Development at Proximity

Brian Watson

Director of Community Development and Co-Founder at Proximity


Week 2 
Fostering Community Within Your Space

9/5/19 9am MDT

The biggest asset your coworking space has to offer is not the amenities associated with your facility, but the community that resides inside it. As the community manager, you are the driver for the culture and community being cultivated in your space. Learn how to connect with your members in a way that fosters both personal and professional growth.

Jayson Harris, co-founder at Blue Arrow Coworking

Jayson Harris

Head of Operations at Green Spaces

Week 3
Member Onboarding Made Easy

9/12/19, 9am MDT

Every space is different, but we all face similar challenges. Don’t worry about reinventing the wheel; we’ve worked with hundreds of coworking spaces and have gathered the industry’s best systems and tools for onboarding members and running your space effectively.

David Lundy, Principal of Evolve Coworking

Week 4
Programming and Events

9/19/19, 9am MDT

Coworking is about the community you build inside and outside your walls. Most often, your community develops around the events you produce in your space. Learn what makes for a great event and learn about the kinds of events that have been successful in a top-performing coworking space.

Cat Wile, WayFinder

Cat Wile

Director of Events at Wayfinder Co-op


Week 5 
Sales & Strategies for Filling Your Space

9/26/19, 9am MDT

It’s often said that sales play a pivotal role in the overall success of a business. Discover some of the best methods and processes for generating sales in your space as well as techniques for differentiating yourself in the marketplace.

Johnathan Manierre, owner of KOI Creative

Week 6 
Collaboration Within Your Community

10/3/19, 9am MDT

Building strong rapport and relationships with other organizations is one of the most important things your organization can do. In addition to creating buzz in your community, the relationships you build will also provide public sentiment and goodwill that are beneficial for a variety of purposes.

Brian Watson, Proximity Co-Founder

Brian Watson

Director of Community Development and Co-Founder at Proximity

Week 7
Essential Marketing Tips and Tricks

10/10/19, 9am MDT

Low or no-cost options for marketing your coworking space. This course will cover social media tips and other creative ways to advertise your space.

Kenny Eliason, owner of Work in Progress

Week 8
Public Speaking Like a Pro

10/17/19, 9am MDT

Public speaking is often said to be one of the things that people fear above everything else. As space managers, you are often asked or required to speak in front of people at large events or small gatherings. In this class, you’ll receive helpful pointers for public speaking and delivering a message with clarity and confidence.

Paul Watson, pastor at Downtown Vineyards Church

Week 9 
The Importance of Hospitality

10/24/19, 9am MDT

People don’t want to be where they aren’t comfortable and don’t feel welcome. Learn all about creating a welcoming environment for your members and their guests to keep them coming back.

Lauren and Luke Brewer

Week 10 
Proximity Platform Overview

10/31/19, 9am MDT

Go through all the aspects of the Proximity Platform. If you’re new to the software, this is a great time to get an overview and if you’ve been with Proximity for a while, you’ll have the opportunity to brush up on all of our new features.


Jess Stieler, coworking consultant at Proximity

Jess Stieler

Coworking Consultant at Proximity