School of Coworking: Founders – Spring 2019

Week 1
Introduction – Finding Your WHY

4/24/2019, 9am MST

Are you telling your best story? If you are focused on what you are doing instead of why you are doing it, you are leaving a lot on the table. People are inspired by vision and creating a compelling story around why you do what you do can mean the difference between succeeding and merely existing.


Week 2
Business Model Canvas

5/1/2019, 9am MST

A good business model can mean the difference between success and failure, but they take a lot of time to build. The business model canvas is a powerful tool that will allow you to build out your business model in just a couple of hours.

Week 3
Pro Forma

5/8/2019, 9am MST

How are you doing financially? How long is it going to be until you break even? How much should you expect to profit from your space? All of these are great questions and can be easily answered by having a strong financial plan in place. Walk through a few simple forms that will help you identify exactly where you are at, and what to expect financially from your coworking space.

Week 4
Identifying Your Target Market

5/15/2019, 9am MST

Every coworking space is different, and that’s the best part about our industry! Your uniqueness allows you to attract a specific type of customer. Learn to identify your ideal customers and build service offerings specifically around their needs.


Week 5
Navigating Leases and Real Estate

5/22/19, 9am MST

Few things are as important to your continued success and viability as your lease agreement. Learn from one of the country’s leading real estate service firms about various ways to structure your lease agreement, including creative ways to lease a space without any upfront capital.


Week 6
Finding a Community Manager

5/29/19, 9am MST

Join one of the industry’s top-performing community managers and a coworking space owner/operator in an informational and inspirational panel. Learn about what makes them tick, what motivates them and what they like about the coworking industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn what works, what doesn’t and how you can take your community to the next level.

Week 7
Space Design, Buildout, and Features

6/5/19, 9am MST

We all want our space to be beautiful, functional and inviting. Learn about the most important things you can do to create an environment that people want to work in.


Week 8
Programming and Events

6/12/19, 9am MST

Coworking is about the community you build inside and outside your walls. Most often, your community develops around the events you produce in your space. Learn what makes a good event and hear about the kinds of events that have been successful in coworking spaces.

Week 9
Marketing and PR

6/19/19, 9am MST

Creating strong top-of-mind awareness within your community is an important factor for keeping your space filled. During this week we will give you some traditional and not-so-traditional ways of creating strong marketing and PR for your space.

Week 10
Closing the Sales Loop

6/26/19, 9am MST

Building strong rapport and relationships with other organizations is one of the most important things your organization can do. In addition to creating more buzz through the community you’ll build, these relationships also provide public sentiment and goodwill that can be beneficial for a variety of purposes.