Our Team

A little while ago our staff sat down to talk about WHY we do what we do here at Proximity. Everyone’s answers were a little different but had the same thread woven throughout: connection, community, cutting-edge technology. We believe that the WHY of what we do is at least as important as WHAT we do, if not more!


Josh Freed, CEO


Allison Blevins, Chief Operating Officer


Travis Scheidegger, Chief Technology Officer


Josh Hudnall, Chief Design Officer


Charles Johnston, Chief Financial Officer


Dennis Lankes, Chief Visionary Officer


Tracy Wesley, Director of Software Development


Brian Watson, Director of Community Development


Christine Freed, Community Manager, Proximity Space Ridgway


Nathan Brewer, Engineer


Montana Coker, Sr. Coworking Consultant


Geoff Oslund, Software Developer


Will Hunt, Sr. Coworking Consultant


Leah Carlson, Senior Marketing Manager


Tyler Chase-Nason, Software Developer


Julia Sundstrom, Community Manager, FACTORY


Kate Adams, Community Manager, Proximity Space Montrose


Tori Buckley, Jr. Coworking Consultant