Focus on your coworkers, not your coworking space.

Proximity simplifies the management of your coworking space, so you can spend your time cultivating your community.

We believe that you should spend more time with your coworkers, investing in a community and enjoying the camaraderie. That’s why we built Proximity—the first coworking platform designed from the ground up to help you get out of the business of space management.

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Here are just a
few of our features

If you run a coworking space, our features are designed to make your life easier.

Ultra-simple billing

Stop making the rounds to collect payments, Proximity will bill your members automatically, whether they use a credit card or prefer automatic checking account withdrawals. And if their payment fails, we’ll alert them and try to re-bill them so you don’t have to. Need more flexibility? Create add-ons that your members can choose as upgrades to their memberships.

Flexible conference room booking

Let your members book their own time in the conference room. Configure time, rate and access parameters globally or per membership level. You set the rules, and your members handle the rest. If you want to approve bookings before they complete, you can do that too! Mount an iPad with our custom app outside of the conference room to display upcoming bookings at a glance, easily see if the room is currently in use, and even book quick drop-in reservations as you walk in the room.

Integrated door locks

You don’t have to manage multiple systems anymore. With Proximity your memberships and your door locks are built to work together. You decide who can open doors and when. Need to change the schedule for a holiday? No problem! Want to create passes for the weekend warrior without giving them 24/7 access? You can do that too! All in one place.

Powerful internet control

Proximity is directly connected to your enterprise-level network hardware, enabling you to restrict access, speed and even content based on membership levels. With Proximity, users cannot connect to the internet unless their membership is active and current. If it’s not, we’ll help them get signed up instantly, whether they’ve been in before or not.

Easy member and event listings

Proximity is all about community. We make it easy for your members to update their profiles with relevant information and bios to make connection easy. And our event manager makes it easy to keep all of your events in one place.

Travel the world

Business is always going places, and your members are too. That’s why we built the Proximity Network. Members of your space can travel to other spaces within the network up to three times a month, completely free! Talk about infinite opportunities for you and your members to connect with new coworkers from all over the world.

Your brand, your identity

Inject your branding right into our platform so your members know it’s you they’re dealing with. In fact, it’s your coworking space that shows up in their emails, their billing statements and even when they’re unlocking the door. Want to use your own domain? That’s no problem.


Connect to MailChimp and keep your mailing list up-to-date. Sync your conference room bookings with Google Calendar. We play nice with other systems and we are adding more integrations all the time.


Everything about our platform is designed to be as easy to understand as possible, and our pricing is no different. We simply charge a small fee on all transactions. No credit card fees on top. No tiered pricing. Just one simple rate. And our reporting makes it easy to see where your revenue is coming from.

Easy to get started (or to get restarted)

If you’re using another system, we can import your data directly into Proximity so you don’t have to spend all of your time redoing work. And if you’re just getting started, we’re here to help all along the way. Our growing knowledge base is at your disposal. If that doesn’t answer your question, we’re just a chat, email or phone call away. And yes, you heard that right, if you call, we answer.

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