We have everything you need!

Our all-in-one coworking software makes it easy to operate a coworking space. 

We believe that the last thing you should worry about is your coworking software. That’s why we built Proximity–so you can focus on what’s most important: your community. 

Coworking should be easy. That’s where we come in with everything you need: door access, automated billing, conference room management, internet control, and so much more! 

We want to help your coworking space! 

We love coworking and we want your space to be successful! Join our free community of space owners and managers.  We host bi-monthly coworking calls and have great resources to help you run your space. 

“As we expand to 30 locations over the next 2 years, Proximity is a key partner for us with the software platform that allows us to manage coworking spaces at scale. The Proximity team deeply understands the business and the challenges that space owners face, and they have been invaluable in supporting our growth and mission and delivering us the infrastructure to scale.”

– Chris Schultz, Launch Pad

They’re expanding all the time, and their customer service can’t be beat.

– Lisa Akinseye, Evolve Workplace

“Proximity quite literally saved my coworking space.”

– Caroline Thornton, WacoWork

Watching the changes and upgrades be executed and delivered has been so exciting! The Proximity Team goes above and beyond what customer service really means. 

– Kim Tucker, COSOLVE

Happy to be with this young and growing company. They truly put a lot of effort into listening to their clients, and their customer service has been wonderful.

– Melanie Banayat, WingSpace Coworking

We see the effort that Proximity puts into making the experience easy for us and for our members. It’s wonderful having them as a partner on this coworking adventure that we’ve started!

– Leslie-Anne Hoxie, The Fort

The Proximity Network

Be part of the largest network of independent coworking spaces! Are you looking for a space to work or a community to connect to? Our network represents the best coworking spaces you can find.

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