Which Type of Workspace Do You Manage?

Hybrid Workplace

Enable Your Employees

Book and manage desks and meeting rooms, track workspace utilization and understand who's onsite and when.

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Coworking Space

Manage Your Members

Manage memberships, billing, reservations, meeting rooms, guest access, digital door access, Wi-Fi and events.

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Commercial Real Estate

Activate Flex Space

Activate flex space with a turnkey management system and track knowable, bookable inventory across your buildings.

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What's Covered in a 1:1 Demo?

Your demo includes an overview of our major capabilities and features. We're here to learn about your business, answer your questions and provide streamlined solutions that help you manage your flexible workspace.

Workspace Reservations

Flexible booking for desks and any reservable space

Meeting Room Management

Room availability and unique Wi-Fi network display

Guest Management

Notifications for guest arrivals or deliveries

Digital Door Access

Controlled and automated access via mobile apps

Billing and Reporting

Automated billing for paid reservations and services

Multi-Location Support

Connected access and permissions between locations

Onsite Check-Ins

Optional or automatic check-ins upon onsite arrival

Wi-Fi Access

Customizable Wi-Fi access for groups or individuals

Event Management

Sign-ups and check-ins for onsite or virtual events