Josh Freed

Chief Executive Officer

Allison Blevins

Chief Operations Officer

Travis Scheidegger

Chief Technology Officer

Josh Hudnall

Chief Design Officer

Charles Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

Kim Lesure


Brian Watson

Director of Community Development

Holly Williamson

Head of Growth

Tracy Wesley

Director of Software Development

Daniella Cavaliere

UI/UX Designer

Jess Stieler

Coworking Consultant, Team Lead

Nathan Brewer



Will Hunt

Senior Coworking Consultant

McKenna Yoder

Community Development Coordinator

Landon Balding

Coworking Consultant

Montana Coker

Senior Coworking Consultant

Ciera Colson

Customer Experience Specialist

Kate Adams

Community Manager, Proximity Space Montrose

Tim Brown

Software Developer

Geoff Oslund

Software Developer

Tim Dillman

Software Developer

Emma Reimer

Community Manager

Honor Blevins

Marketing and Development Intern