Proximity Space, Inc. (Proximity) is pleased to announce our continuing partnership with the State of Colorado’s Office of Economic Development (OEDIT) in their Blueprint 2.0 grant program. For Blueprint’s Coworking 101 initiative, Proximity has partnered with OEDIT and Startup Colorado in a two-phase initiative to provide two-three selected rural communities with a comprehensive overview of coworking as both a business and community asset.

Startup Colorado will work with selected communities to initiate a series of workshops and events designed to gauge local entrepreneurial density, cultivate an ecosystem of potential space users, and to educate communities on the spectrum of entrepreneurial activity and identify what can be done locally to support it.

Proximity and OEDIT will work with selected communities toward a comprehensive understanding of coworking spaces by facilitating a teleconference with recently opened coworking spaces, one-on-one mentorship with the owner/operator of a space that the community closely aligns with, and a forum where community leaders and potential owners can interact with current coworking spaces.

In 2017, Coworking 101 was awarded to three communities, Rio Blanco County, Delta, CO, and Sterling, CO, all of which are well on their way to opening coworking spaces. In the spring of 2017, Proximity traveled with leaders from these communities to Denver to tour successful Front Range coworking spaces.

About Proximity Space, Inc.: Proximity exists to connect the world’s mobile workforce. Originally created as three distinct coworking spaces, Proximity has grown to power spaces all across the world. We use community minded technology to bring coworking spaces together. Our network of coworking spaces and location-neutral workers has defined the industry of connected workforce to drive engagement and enable experience-based education of coworking space owners and community managers across the country. The Proximity Network of connected workers reaches around the world, bringing the collective knowledge of experienced professionals back to the local level.

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