Manage employee reservations across all of your flexible workplace locations

Businesses of all sizes are making the shift to remote, distributed and flexible work styles. Proximity workplace management software can help you handle the flexible office space needs of an evolving workforce. Our streamlined solution enables your employees to easily manage reservations at all of your offices.

Workplace Management Software Features

Hoteling and Reservations

Convert desks and offices to searchable, bookable workspaces for employees

Meeting Room Management

Streamline reservations for meeting rooms, enable meeting room check-ins and display onsite meeting schedules

Guest Management

Guest Management

Send employees a notification when clients, guests, packages or food deliveries arrive at your workplace

Digital Door Access

Digital Door Access

Provide employees with digital door access via iOS and Android mobile apps and set customized schedules and permissions

Wi-Fi Access Control

Manage secure network access for employees and create unique, temporary networks for onsite guests

Automatic Check-Ins

Automatic Check-Ins

Record check-ins when employees unlock a door or access Wi-Fi and view who was at your workplace during any given timeframe

Proximity Workplace

Find and Reserve Flex Space for Your Employees

Proximity Workplace provides organizations with a curated selection of professional, secure, flexible workspace. Support your remote workers and distributed teams with offices, desks and conference rooms at hundreds of locations in the Proximity Network. From client meetings and interviews to team planning sessions and sales calls, Proximity Workplace matches you with the right mix of flexible space that your company needs.

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Pricing and Professional Services

Proximity has completed hundreds of software implementations. Our team is here to support you and your employees with a successful transition to a flexible workplace. Pricing, onboarding and customer support are customized for each organization to ensure you have the training and level of service that’s right for you.

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