Scalable Technology for Landlords and Asset Managers

COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated the shift to flexible work for companies of all sizes. Proximity can help you successfully transition your commercial real estate assets into flexible workspace and meet the inventory demands of an evolving workforce.

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Flex Space Software Features for Commercial Real Estate

Reservation Management

Automate scheduling for conference rooms, event space, offices or flex desks

Digital Door Access

Digital Door Access

Assign, track and control access for everyone who enters your flex space

Wi-Fi Access Control

Enable safe, secure network access and customize member and guest permissions

Automatic Check-Ins

Automatic Check-Ins

Record check-ins when members or guests unlock a door or access Wi-Fi at your flex space

Guest Management

Guest Management

Send notifications to members when guests, packages or food deliveries arrive

Inventory Management

Make your flexible assets knowable and bookable

Pricing and Professional Services

Proximity has completed hundreds of software implementations and our team is here to support a smooth and successful onboarding process. Pricing, onboarding and customer support are customized to ensure you have the training and level of service that’s right for you.

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Proximity Customer Support and Training

Access the Services You Need for a Flex Space Conversion

Flex Space Layout and Design Services

Layout and Design Services

Professional design and implementation that supports your revenue model and COVID-19 safety precautions

Flex Space Furniture and Technology as a Service

Furniture and Technology as a Service

Subscription and on-demand delivery of office supplies and furnishings that meet the needs of flexible spaces

Flex Space Training and Management

Onsite and Offsite Training and Management

Training programs and guidance to provide managers with the expertise to operate a flexible office space

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