Proximity Partners

Proximity partners with providers of best-in-class products and services that make coworking space operations easier and improve member experience. Members of the Proximity Network receive access to preferred pricing on a selection of offerings.

Effective March 26
Zoom is experiencing overwhelming demand and response time to inquiries is extremely delayed. Zoom is currently providing partner support to Proximity for new account requests of five or more Meetings & Chat licenses. These accounts receive a 20% discount.

If you need to set up a new account with fewer than five licenses, direct online purchase of Zoom is the fastest and easiest option. The Proximity discount does not apply to direct purchases at this time and cannot be applied retroactively.

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Designed to be mobile and add flexibility to your coworking space layout, Nook Pods provide semi-private meeting space for small groups when larger rooms are unavailable or when common areas do not provide enough privacy. Nook Pods integrate with the Proximity platform to be a reservable resource for your members.

Up to 25% off of Nook Pods
Discount varies based on model. Delivery fees apply.

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Whether you’re designing your coworking space for the first time, or if you need to update your worn-out furnishings, Interior Environments has design expertise to help you create a space your members will love. For budgets large and small, learn how IE can help bring your design vision to life.

Access to design services and 175+ manufacturing partners

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Startup Ecosystem Builders

Coworking spaces in the Proximity Network are home to hundreds of startups and small businesses. As entrepreneurship becomes a viable option for more people than ever before, Proximity is proud to support founders and startup ecosystem builders who are working to create economic growth in rural and recovering economies.

Proximity simplifies coworking space management and helps streamline billing, organize events, monetize meeting rooms, manage door access, and so much more. Startup Champions Network members can save $600 per year when you take advantage of preferred pricing.

Eligible for 50% Discount on Proximity Software
Standard software price: $99/month
SCN Member price: $49/month

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CO.STARTERS provides programs and tools, online resources, and a strategic framework to help community leaders identify what they need to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports economic growth. CO.STARTERS Core program guides entrepreneurs in refining and validating their concepts and gaining the skills, confidence, and relationships they need to move their ideas forward.

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