Convenience & Security

Digital Door Access

Proximity Open allows members to unlock the doors at your coworking space from a mobile device specifically during the hours you set. You can lock and unlock doors remotely, and door access ends with expired memberships so you’ll never have to track down keys.

Internet Access Control

With a Meraki or Radius integration, Proximity connects directly to your enterprise-level network hardware enabling you to provide or restrict access based on membership level. Users can’t connect to the internet at your space unless their membership is active and current.

Visitor Management

Proximity Wave is your digital concierge to greet and check in visitors, manage requests for tours, and notify your members of guests or deliveries. Proximity Wave is included with the Proximity platform—all you need to do is set up a tablet by your door or front desk.

Billing & Management

Member Billing

Bill your members automatically and accept credit card or ACH payments. If a payment fails, we’ll send the member an alert and try to re-bill, saving you time chasing down membership fees. You can also automate billing for add-on amenities or membership upgrades.


Quickly view transactions by date or member, and leverage CSV exports to pull your transactions into accounting systems such as Quickbooks. You can also view revenue for reservable resources over time to understand utilization of conference rooms or event spaces.

Customized Branding

Use your brand within the Proximity platform to create a consistent member experience. Your coworking space’s name displays in member emails and billing statements, and you can include your name in your custom Proximity domain.

Conference Rooms & Resource Scheduling

Reservable Resources

Enable your members to book conference rooms or event space through the Proximity platform. Based on membership types you create, configure the available access, time, and rates for your reservable resources, or require manager approval for reservations.

In-Meeting Management

With an iPad set up in your conference room, Proximity Room View allows you to display Wi-Fi logins, and allows your members to check in for their reservations. Members can also add more time to a reservation and are notified when the reserved time is almost up.

On-Demand Reservations

Do your members ask you if or when a conference room is available? Mount an iPad in front of your busiest spaces and display upcoming bookings at a glance. Your members will easily see when a room is in use and can book onsite when there’s availability.

Community Growth

Member Directory

To encourage community building, Proximity offers profile management and search. Members can include their picture, bio, skills, and contact information to make new connections with potential collaborators.

Member Benefit Listing

If you have partnerships with local businesses that provide discounts or special offers to your members, promote these added perks with the Proximity platform. Benefits can be customized to the membership levels you create.

Event Promotion

Increase your event attendance by letting members know what’s happening at your coworking space. Share your event on the Proximity platform, allow members and guests to register, and easily check in your attendees upon arrival.


Create the best experience for your members with advanced Cisco Meraki integration enabling just-in-time networks for conference rooms, group policies and more.

Enterprise-grade RADIUS integration gives you the flexibility to merge the business-class networking hardware you need with the ease-of-use that Proximity provides.

Connect to Mailchimp to keep your contact list updated for email communications to your members.

Sync your conference room and reservable resource bookings to track and display inventory availability at your coworking space.

Automate invitations to your members to join the Slack workspace for your community.

Manage member billing and payment information securely and reliably, and receive payouts directly in your bank account.


One simple, monthly rate that doesn’t increase as your membership grows. No annual contract.

Software Pricing

starting at $99 per month for U.S. customers

Payment processing
2.9% + 30¢ per transaction
ACH 1%
Offline payments: 1%

What's Included

Proximity Platform
Billing, member management, reservations, event management and reporting

Proximity Open
Member app for digital door access

Proximity Wave
Digital concierge for guest check-ins and member notifications

Proximity Room View
Conference room schedules and meeting management

Hardware Pricing

Door Controller
$499 USD per unit
Up to four doors controlled with one unit

Meraki WiFi hardware and licenses are available through Proximity. Speak with your Coworking Consultant for details and pricing.

International Pricing


starting at $135 per month

Payment processing
2.9% + 30¢ per transaction
Offline payments: 1%


starting at $140 per month

Payment processing
1.75% + 30¢ per transaction
Offline payments: 1%

New Zealand

$155 per month

Payment processing
2.9% + 30¢ per transaction
Offline payments: 1%

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