Bring a Friend Day

Our coworking space, FACTORY, took a hit on memberships last summer and it was rough. At first, as the community manager, it almost seemed personal. Then our team quickly realized it’s not personal at all. Summers are busy for everyone; friends, spouses, coworkers, etc. Parents need to work from home due to lack of childcare. Meanwhile, others are busy chasing the sun on vacation. Summers might take a toll on your memberships, but don’t let that stop the momentum of your community. Be proactive with summer offers!

This year, we came ready to play and stayed ahead of the game. We brainstormed a few ideas to help combat the summer slowdown. That’s when the idea for Bring A Friend Day was born! This summer offer is the perfect way to create a buzz around your coworking space.


How Does Bring A Friend Day Work?

Bring A Friend Day is a summer buddy pass for our members! Members of FACTORY can bring a friend to work for FREE every Wednesday through the end of August!

It breaks down the barriers and opens up the idea of coworking for those who aren’t familiar with the concept. It’s the perfect way for newbies to test the waters of coworking and these “buddies” aren’t doing it alone, they’ve got their own personal guide. It’s a fun way to create awareness about your coworking space and connect to potential new customers.

Bring A Friend day has been incredibly successful for our coworking space! Our members are taking the initiative to invite their friends for a free day of coworking. Plus, who doesn’t love working across from a friend? It’s just like those good ole’ college days all over again!

So, if you’re looking for just one way to combat the summer slowdown, then give Bring A Friend Day a try! As always, feel free to share your summer deals and how they are working to help gain traction in your coworking space. We would love to know!