Let’s build an awesome
coworking space.

Proximity isn’t just here to provide coworking management with our innovative combination of hardware and software. We’re also here to help your space succeed. That’s because we love coworking and the communities that happen inside them and because of that, we’re dedicated to helping your business thrive.

Our education programs bring together the industry’s top experts
to help your space be the very best it can.

Proximity School of Coworking for Community Managers

A 10-week course designed for Community Managers: learn about events, sales, community collaboration, hospitality, marketing and more.

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Coworking Community Calls

Monthly video calls about all things coworking. Engage with like-minded space managers and owners and hear from the industry’s experts on a variety of topics.

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Proximity School of Coworking for Founders

A 10-week course for founders. Assemble your coworking skills: including pro formas, leases, business models, layout and design, events, community development and more.


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