CO Starters

Proximity is proud to announce our partnership with CO.STARTERS, a national organization that equips communities to support entrepreneurs and small businesses. CO.STARTERS provides programs and tools, online resources, and a strategic framework to help community leaders identify what they need to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports economic growth. The organization’s foundational CO.STARTERS Core program guides entrepreneurs in refining and validating their concepts and gaining the skills, confidence, and relationships they need to move their ideas forward.

CO.STARTERS launched nationally in 2013 and has since reached more than 8,000 entrepreneurs in over 190 communities. The network focuses on cities and towns in the process of revitalization as well as rural areas where startup ecosystems are nascent or do not yet exist. Two-thirds of CO.STARTERS program participants are female founders, one-half are minorities, and one-third are over the age of 45.

“Our role is to enable local community and business leaders to join forces to create a better support system for their entrepreneurs,” says Enoch Elwell, founder and CEO of CO.STARTERS. “Our members work with a lot of people who are starting a venture all on their own, and we eqiup communities to create connections and provide resources that help ensure these starters are successful. The Proximity Network has a lot of resources to offer and we’re excited to continue our partnership with coworking spaces where so many entrepreneurs are pursuing their ideas.”

“Coworking spaces are highly collaborative and great at providing support for members to launch and grow successful ventures,” says Brian Watson, Director of Community Development for Proximity. “Across the Proximity Network you’ll see a mix of ideas, perspectives, and skills that can all be used to support entrepreneurs, and we’re excited to help our community plug into the work CO.STARTERS is doing to move small businesses forward.”

To learn more about how you can get involved with CO.STARTERS or to get support for your community or business idea visit To show your support for entrepreneurs and small businesses, check out the CO.STARTERS Holiday Gift Guide featuring products from more than 100 small businesses across the country.