Proximity is proud to partner with Nook!

Nook enables flexible, entrepreneurial and collaborative work styles with their Nook Pods. These mobile meeting pods are outfitted for productive work with comfortable upholstery, ergonomic workspace, colorful finish options, and power as standard.

Those in the Proximity Network receive up to *25% off of Nook Pods!

*Delivery fees apply. Discount varies based on model.

Nook Pods easily integrate with the Proximity Platform allowing the workspaces to be fully reservable!

Your members can Book a Nook and meet or work from the privacy of a Nook Pod.  Nook Pods are always in high demand in coworking spaces. They separate a worker from a noisy, boisterous environment while still allowing them to be connected to the community with their open design. They provide an ideal meeting space for 1- 4 people, which makes larger meeting rooms more available. Nook’s mobility and modularity also allow coworking spaces to adapt to daily needs and pain-free expansion.

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