An Integrated Solution for Flexible Workspace Management

Proximity offers a powerful platform with all of the essential capabilities for flex space operations. Provide your members with a smooth experience at every touchpoint and simplify space management.

Membership Management

  • Create custom membership types
  • Manage member profiles, contact information and payment sources
  • Enable online membership sales
  • Manage punch passes and day passes
  • Create memberships for accessing multiple locations
  • Offer memberships for multiple members who share a single account
  • Set a future membership start date when a new member joins
  • Pause memberships and billing
  • Manage contact emails to follow up with prospective members
  • Send an automated welcome email when new members join
  • Enable automatic check-ins when members access your space

Proximity Membership Management

Digital Door Access

  • Provide members with digital keys via iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Set custom door schedules for business hours, events, weekends or holidays
  • Offer customized schedules to your members based on membership type, such as 24/7 access or weekend access
  • Allow members to come and go from your space without a manager present
  • Allow digital key access to members only when they’re in close proximity to your space
  • Lock or unlock doors remotely from any location as a manager
  • Understand exactly who unlocks a door at your space and when
  • Provide temporary keys for conference room reservations that are automatically removed when the reservation ends
  • Revoke key access automatically when a membership expires or is unpaid
  • Use a wide range of compatible lock types including electric strike or maglock

Guest Management

  • Prompt guests to check in at your space upon arrival
  • Notify members when guests arrive for meetings
  • Notify members when packages or food deliveries arrive
  • Capture requests for tours of your space
  • Allow members, guests or event attendees to join your space’s email list

Proximity Wi-Fi Access Control

Wi-Fi Access Control

  • Leverage a Meraki or RADIUS integration to provide members with a secure Wi-Fi network that requires login via captive portal
  • Provide or restrict Wi-Fi access based on membership type and status
  • Allow Wi-Fi access only for users with current and active memberships
  • Create a unique, temporary network to grant Wi-Fi access to meeting attendees for the duration of a reserved meeting
  • View user access data to know when a member was last seen on your network

Reservation Management

  • Enable members to reserve conference rooms, phone booths or other dedicated spaces via mobile app, member portal or on site at your space
  • Customize access to reservable resources, time allotments and pricing based on membership type
  • Accept one-time or recurring reservations
  • Require manager approval for reservations
  • Enable managers to make reservations for members
  • Grant temporary digital door access to guests who reserve meeting space
  • Create a temporary Wi-Fi network and display login information for meeting guests
  • Prompt attendees to check in for their meeting and remind them when their reserved time is almost over
  • Allow members and guests to extend reservation time during a meeting or end a reservation early
  • Display upcoming reservations via iPad outside of meeting rooms


Billing and Payment Processing

  • Bill members automatically on a recurring schedule via Stripe payment processing
  • Collect member deposits or new member sign-up fees
  • Process payments for reservable resources, event space or add-on amenities
  • Create custom charges for one-time purchases
  • Generate monthly invoices for your members
  • Accept credit card or ACH payments
  • Apply member discounts, credits and process refunds
  • Send automatic email notifications to members when failed payments occur
  • Downgrade memberships with multiple failed payments to restrict access to your space
  • Pull transactions into accounting systems including Quickbooks and Xero

Branded Member Portal and Mobile Apps

  • Create a custom domain name for your space’s member portal
  • Showcase images of your space on the homepage of your member portal
  • Display your brand’s logo and colors throughout your member portal
  • Customize member mobile apps with your brand’s logo and imagery of your space
  • Customize automated member emails and invoices with your business’s information

Proximity Multi-Location Support

Multi-Location Support

  • Connect locations and flexible workspace inventory across your entire brand
  • Manage memberships that include access to multiple locations
  • Keep billing and reporting separated by location while viewing combined data across locations including membership numbers and total revenue
  • View upcoming reservations and events across all locations

Member Directory and Benefits Display

  • Provide your members with a searchable directory of people at your space
  • Allow members to display a profile picture, professional skills and contact information
  • Enable members to hide their profiles to increase privacy
  • Display special offers and discounts from local businesses that are offered uniquely to members of your space
  • Customize member benefits by membership type

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Event Management

  • Display public or private events happening at your space or virtually
  • Allow members or guests to register for events in advance or on site
  • Provide Zoom links or other private event information upon registration
  • Check in attendees directly from the registration list for your event
  • Share your event on social media or external sites with a preview-friendly image and description

Analytics and Reporting

  • View billing invoices by date or member and sort paid and unpaid invoices
  • View revenue and deposit reconciliation, revenue by type and accounts receivable aging
  • Pull transactions into accounting systems such as Quickbooks and Xero
  • Access active member roll reports to view expected monthly membership revenue, as well as revenue from punch pass subscriptions that renew monthly
  • Track daily member check-ins to support contact tracing
  • View utilization for reservable resources such as conference rooms or phone booths

Proximity Reporting and Analytics
Proximity Safety and Security

Safety and Security

  • Send automatic emails to members and guests upon daily check in to notify them of information such as modified business hours, local health regulations or current guidelines for your space
  • Record automatic check-ins when members unlock a door, access your Wi-Fi network, check in for a room reservation or redeem a punch pass
  • View which members or guests unlocked a door at your space or accessed your Wi-Fi network and when
  • Prompt members and guests to self-certify they are not experiencing symptoms of illness when they enter your space
  • Display a customizable banner on your member portal to notify members and guests of important updates or alerts
  • Lock all doors to your space immediately while on site or from a remote location
  • Pause all member access, billing, reservations and registrations in the event of a temporary closure
  • Enable secure Wi-Fi access only for members with active memberships and unique, temporary networks for guests with a meeting reservation
  • Convert flex desks, dedicated desks or any workspace into a reservable resource that must be booked for use

Visual Floorplans

  • Make it easy for members and guests to book space by displaying your floorplans in an interactive map.
  • Users can book directly from the map with by clicking on the space they want to book.
  • Set up bookable spaces to be booked by the individual seat or as a whole.
  • It’s easy for users to invite guests directly to their reservation.
  • Digital door access is tied to reservations so users gain access to their digital keys 15 minutes before and after the reservation time.
  • No more wifi credentials on whiteboards. Wifi integration is tied to reservations and emailed to users 15 minutes before their reservation starts. Users can also see credentials on RoomView, our included reservation display app for tablets.

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Cisco Meraki Integration

Provide a safe and secure way for members to access W-Fi at your flexible workspace with our advanced Cisco Meraki integration

Gain the flexibility to merge the business-class networking hardware you need with the ease-of-use that Proximity provides using an enterprise-grade RADIUS integration

Connect to Mailchimp to keep your contact list updated and segmented for email communications to your members

Google Calendar Integration

Sync your conference room and reservable resource bookings to track and display inventory availability at your coworking space

Manage member billing and payment information securely and reliably and receive payouts directly in your bank account

Connect actions in the common software tools you use such as Squarespace, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Google Sheets, Slack and Xero

View integrations here.

Brivo Proximity Integration

Premium Integration

Connect Proximity member permissions to door access with the Brivo cloud access control system using any of Brivo’s three control panel models

SALTO Integration

Premium Integration

Integrate Proximity with SALTO lock systems and SALTO door controllers to connect member permissions to door access

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Send your accounting data from Proximity to your QuickBooks online account

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