International Coworking Day 2019

AUGUST 9th is a day to celebrate, cowork, collaborate, and build community with others who are invested in entrepreneurship and sustainability. International Coworking Day is our new favorite holiday!

WHY? Who doesn’t love an excuse to throw a party? We love seeing all of the great things that coworking spaces around the world are doing to celebrate! Festive elements such as sweet treats, decorations, giveaways, contests, karaoke, high fives, and a free day of coworking are making this a day to remember!

“Well, okay. That sounds like a blast.
But what does it mean exactly, and why should I get involved?”

We are so glad you asked.

COWORKING is where like-minded people share a physical workplace environment, but it’s so much more than that. People work independently but have a flexible environment to share values of community, collaboration, and connectedness that you just wouldn’t find at a coffee shop or working out of your home.

Coworking began in 2005, when Brad Neuberg started the movement in San Francisco. He hoped to create an environment that combined independence with the structure and community of an office space. While the movement immediately gained momentum, the energy and focus of coworking today is very much similar to Neuberg’s original vision.

“Even though each of us is doing separate work, perhaps programming or writing a novel, we can feel each other’s presence, run ideas by the community, or take breaks together at the watercooler.”

Coworking has grown to 1.74 million coworkers in 2017 with an expected 5.1 million members by 2022. Memberships across the globe are making a statement, and will most definitely impact future workplaces as we know them.


Yes, August 9th is a day meant to celebrate coworking internationally, but it’s also an opportunity to raise awareness for coworking on a global scale! It’s a chance to connect and remind ourselves that we are part of a movement – part of something greater and bigger than just ourselves.

Working is much better when you’re celebrating. If we didn’t already convince you, here are some additional reasons to join the fun:

  • Get an up close and personal understanding of what the coworking movement is all about.
  • See the power of collaboration and community for yourself. To find a space near you, check out our map of connected spaces in the Proximity Network.
  • Coworking represents the future of modern workspaces and most coworking spaces are bright, open, and accessible – designed to make your job easier and a lot more fun!
  • If your normal office is a coffee shop, café, or your own living room while still wearing your PJs, think about switching things up for the day! (You can even still wear your PJs. We won’t judge.)
  • Bring along a friend or family member. Again, we celebrate working and having fun together!
  • Proximity understands the way people work is evolving. We see amazing things happen every day in coworking and we want to spread that good news and celebrate community.

It’s time to get together. Come on!

(Ok, yes.  We stole that from Kool & the Gang.)

But really, we’re excited to cowork with you. 

Happy Coworking!