Event at Innov8HQ

We’re excited to introduce you to Innov8HQ – our first space in New Zealand! It’s the first collaborative workspace in the city of Dunedin and has been drawing some seriously large crowds. Everything about Innov8HQ reveals captivating elements of local Māori culture, an Eastern Polynesian people with deep roots in New Zealand. Here’s what founder Heidi Renata has to say about their space.

When did you open your coworking space and what enticed you to do so?

We opened our doors on October 8th, 2016 and the idea was created to inspire, support, and mentor businesses from startup [all the way] through globalization. It’s the first indigenous founded coworking space in the world.

Tell us about your space. How big is it? What kinds of amenities do you have? What sort of quirks make it special?

It’s considered the “Google office” of Dunedin with its colours and energy. The model itself is based on the ancient tradition of Māori Culture (my native heritage), modeled around Marae (Māori for a meeting place for tribes), inspiring powerful tribal resource and economies.

What is your favorite thing about operating a coworking space?

The people (this whole business is about our people), our visitors and our residents.

What has been the most surprising/unexpected thing about operating a coworking space?

The outcomes we have produced. With over 15,000 people through our space since opening and 100 events, 45% of our resident’s businesses have quadrupled in size since being here. We remove their real estate distractions so they can focus on the real demands for business (growing it).

What’s your favorite story about one of your members?

I love how the community has become its own family, sharing and caring for the space itself, cross-pollinating ideas and experience [while] sharing workflows.

What is your biggest piece of advice for someone wanting to open a space?

Focus on how you can curate culture in your community versus commercial outcomes first. The people will drive the revenue streams if you get the community landscape right first. Your residents/visitors will become your referral mechanisms and this also helps drive marketing campaigns as you continue to recruit. Make sure you have a great team who all share the common interests of your business. Integrity is key.

Doors into Innov8Hq
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