Organized Desk in a Coworking Space

The second Monday of January is recognized as National Clean Off Your Desk Day. This is a great opportunity to get your space and mind organized for the new year, allowing you to put all your New Year’s resolutions into effect, for real. Since we work in coworking we may not always have the same space/desk day-to-day, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a clean area, or even a clean desktop to work. Even if you do have your own designated desk you could probably benefit from some tidying. Below are some tips to follow to keep your mind on your work and off the stress of disorganization.


Take some time to actually get yourself organized. Getting organized won’t happen overnight, but if you start taking small steps to change the way you work and where you put your files or loose papers, it will truly make a difference. Take a little bit of time out of your day to set a goal and get your shit together.


Make your space your own. It’s important to have little things around you that spark inspiration. A favorite mug is always a go-to because it can liven up a small space. Or a small plant that can go wherever you are. Personally, I love brightly colored objects and a notebook with rainbows or a planner that’s solid gold can really change my mood. Keeping these things on your desk can get your creative juices flowing, and nothing says “get to work”, like a mug that says, “Boss Babe”.


Make a designated spot for everything. When I get to work I put all my essentials on my desk in front of me – laptop, notebook, planner, and mug. All of these things have a very specific spot. Since these items are always being utilized, I keep them all on my right side (since I’m right-handed). This keeps the space on my left and in front of me completely empty for new projects and also keeps clutter to a minimum.

Assigning designated locations can also translate to files on your computer or Google Drive. Creating folders and sub-category folders will help you remember where exactly each little document, spreadsheet, or slideshow is.

Loose papers, pens, headphones, chargers, sunglasses and random stuff floating around your bag should also have a specific spot. Smaller bags, bins, and pockets should all be utilized so you know exactly where to put something when you’re done and it’s easy to find the next day.


Secure loose cords with a velcro strap. This one is pretty self-explanatory, whether you have a permanent desk or you’re a nomad, carrying around a small velcro strip to keep cords out of the way means, “out of sight, out of mind.”


Move around. Sitting for hours on end every day can feel boring and repetitive. When you move around, your mind stays active and is more focused. Moving around can help you recollect your thoughts and then proceed to the original task at hand. 

The great thing about working in coworking is you don’t have to sit at the same desk every day. To some, this may be a challenge, but in retrospect, it just means you carry around your desk supplies with you at all times, and you’re not tied to a desk when you go to work. By using Proximity Nomad you have the power to choose where your desk is for the day, week, or month, and whenever you’re ready to move on, it’s easier than ever to get up and go to the next desk.