WacoWork Owner Quote

At Proximity we often say that we’re not a software company, we’re a people company. Sure, we’re in business because we want to be successful, but what really drives us is the people we get to work with every day. Our customers, our employees, and our families are what matter most. For us, our mission to support coworking spaces is not just business, it’s personal.

The other day, we received the nicest email from Caroline Thornton with WacoWork in Waco, Texas. She reached out to express her gratitude and to share with us the role that Proximity played in the growth of her coworking space. We’re just so floored by the sincerity of her message and we couldn’t help but share it with you.

Proximity Team,

I have tried to start this letter many times and each time coming up shy of conveying the gratitude I have in my heart for you all. LONG story short, Proximity quite literally saved my coworking space. Let me explain briefly so I can get to the good part of thanking individuals on your team. I am a founder of a coworking space in Waco, Texas. We opened in April of 2018. Coworking did not exist in Waco Texas. Waco is smack dab in between Austin and Dallas Fort Worth and always about 5-10 years behind those two cities and getting a coworking space was no different. Dennis came by after we had been opened 4ish months on his way from Dallas area to Austin and we gabbed all things coworking spaces, startup spaces, and coworking software for at least 2 hours. Dennis may not know it but that day and the next day following, he breathed life into not only my space but myself, creating fire to pivot where things weren’t working, sprint in the areas they were, and have the grit to see this thing through. He still encourages me each month we catch up. I immediately changed my tactics, focus, and went into overdrive. So Dennis, thank you. There really aren’t enough thank yous but I will do my best to always make Proximity proud and shout y’all’s praises!

While I haven’t met everyone on the incredible Proximity team – the few I have, have gone above and beyond to meet our needs. Will was the first person I met on the team. Will was getting ready to go out of town but ensured I would have access to get ahold of him if needed, reassured me this was the right step we needed to move in and was a wonderful first impression of the Proximity team. Will, thank you for being just the person I needed to talk to in order to feel peace of mind in a time of anxiousness. Montana, oh my gah. Montana is a rockstar who deals with my millions of questions, walked me through step-by-step of switching everything over to Proximity from our former software and I feel a genuine friendship with her. I love to hear about her boys and family and she always asks how I am doing, how the holidays are and gives encouragement when I need it as a Community Manager. Montana, thank you for being more than a relationship coordinator and someone I can call a friend! PS ask Montana how she pronounces the name of my city/coworking space 😉 . Nathan is another rockstar. We had a previous door access control and he worked quite literally 8 hours on and off (or maybe more honestly) with our tech guy to figure out the mess the previous company had made when installing the door access system. Nathan, THANK YOU for your patience and willingness to not give up. Brian! Brian – you are doing a phenomenal job leading and facilitating the School of Coworking convos. Today was the second one and I learned so much, but more importantly felt not so alone listening to Josh and others express hardships they too have faced but felt encouraged, challenged, and supported! Thank you.

I know there are so many others on the team that I haven’t gotten the pleasure to meet yet, but I truly cannot wait to work with each of you. I know that more than the few individuals I listed makeup all that Proximity does and offers and I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart.

Alright – enough of me. Time to get more shit done so Proximity can continue to sweep the world of coworking. Go get em.

Caroline Thornton

Community Director at WacoWork