Photo of coffee cups at a desk
We like to describe coworking as “a coffee shop in reverse”: shared space where you can get some work done, and the coffee happens to be unlimited and free. However, we never want to compete with our local coffee shops, and they can actually be a great resource for new coworkers. Here are a few cool ways to build a great relationship with your local coffee shop.


Offer a free day of (or discount on) drop-in coworking to anyone with a same-day receipt from a local coffee shop. We’ve found that coffee shops love this plan. They can keep customers moving through their shops without them parking in a chair all day while still selling their delicious goods. If you provide the coffee shop with a catchy sign or flyer, it makes it super easy for them to get the word out.

Reverse that plan and ask the coffee shop to offer a discount to anyone who works in your space that day. This gives you a great way to incentivize your coworkers to visit a shop they may have never been to before and strengthens your relationship with the coffee shop.

Brew their beans in your space. Ask the coffee shop for some kind of signage so your coworkers know where their daily fuel is coming from.

Offer your event space to the coffee shop for coffee cuppings or latte art competitions. This will bring a new audience into your space and will provide your favorite shop with a more spacious venue.


That’s it! We’ve found that these tactics bring awareness to potential new members, enhance your brand reputation by promoting local, and even create opportunities for business partnerships beyond the coffee shops. Happy coworking!

P.S. Have you partnered with your local coffee shop? We’d love to hear how you did it!