Setting up Membership Types

One of the best things about working at Proximity is interacting with individuals who are opening coworking spaces for the first time. Over the last year, I’ve had one question come up time and time again. “How should I structure and set up my membership types?”

There are three simple things I like to consider when setting up membership types:


Step 1: KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid)
This is a good time to visit the acronym KISS, (Keep it Simple, Stupid) and it’s great advice for setting up memberships within your space. Coworking is still a relatively new concept, and it oftentimes requires a lot of education for new members who may not be familiar with the concept of coworking. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that you set up your membership types in a way that is simple and easy to understand. I recommend only having 3-5 options for people to choose from.   


Step 2: Price to Value Equation
Have you ever gone to purchase something and realized that the more expensive option was not necessarily the better deal? This is because the price to value equation was misaligned. When setting up your membership types it’s important to ensure that for each price increase, there should be an equal or greater increase in value for the purchaser.  


Step 3: Tools for Increasing Value
Now that you’ve got the first two steps down, the only thing left is to list out all of the service offerings that you have available at your coworking space. Once you’ve done that, you can start bundling your offerings together to create your membership types. Remember, just because there is not a dollar amount associated with some of your service offerings does not mean it is without value.

Service Offering Examples

  • Newsletter
  • Community Profile
  • Company Profile
  • Events/Classes
  • Access during open hours (M-F, 9-5)
  • WiFi
  • Printer, Copier, Scanner
  • Coffee
  • 27/7 Access
  • Mailing Address
  • Shared Desk/Chair
  • Private Desk
  • Personal Chair
  • Filing Cabinet
  • Private Office
  • Team Member Passes
  • Conference Rooms (price/hr)
    • Free Conference Room Hours / Membership Type
    • Discounted Conference Room Rates / Membership Type


Below is a video to help you lay out your membership types, their prices, and the service offerings that come with each. We are also happy to share our Membership Pricing Structures document for your use. Please be sure to copy and paste the document into a new excel sheet.