playlists for coworking space

Many studies have shown that music is effective in raising efficiency while working. Whether you’re checking your email, filling out a spreadsheet, or working on tasks that require more creativity, playing some tunes will make your work day go by that much faster while being more enjoyable. There have also been multiple studies where participants who listened to music completed their work faster and came up with better ideas than those who didn’t because the music improved their mood.

Finding a good playlist for your coworking space can be difficult. There are so many genres and moods to choose from, and you want to find the perfect balance. Luckily, we’ve created some playlists for you!

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Monday Motivation, for when you’ve had a great weekend and need to come back into focus.

Workday Focus, in times when you need to buckle down and finish that project.

Happy Friday, perfect when the weekend is so close you can taste it!

Road Trip, for when you’re Nomading around and have many hours and miles ahead of you.

Get Energized, a favorite for an afternoon pick-me-up!

Quiet Mornings, for when you need to gently ease into your day, along with lots of coffee.

Instrumental Covers, when you want to listen to your favorites, but not be distracted by lyrics.

Proximity Favorites, if you’re interested in hearing what we’ve been jamming to!

Our account and playlists will update regularly, so follow along and play them for your members. Do you have recommendations of your own for more playlists or songs? Let us know!