Proximity is proud to announce that we’ve recently received SOC 2 Certification.

Security has always been one of Proximity’s core values. We take seriously that hundreds of coworking and flexible workspaces around the world that count on Proximity to be the backbone of their business. We know that security is important to our customers as well and we take pride in the secure infrastructure, hardware, and software that we’ve built.

SOC 2 is short for “Service Organization Control.” SOC 2 is a standard of security and confidentiality that is designed for service organizations – specifically, service organizations that have contact with their customer’s data. SOC 2 compliance tells our customers that we have the tools and protocols in place to safely handle their data. Here are the pillars of Proximty’s Security Committments:

  1. Security: Customer data is stored securely. Our system features and configuration is designed to authorize user access while restricting those who are not authorized.
  2. Availability: Ensuring continuously reliable service and preventing outages.
  3. Confidentiality and Privacy: We use encryption technologies to protect customer data both at rest and in transit. We maintain operational procedures to retain, store and dispose of personal information in a prescribed manner.
  4. Detection: We use intrusion detection systems to prevent and identify potential security attacks. The system and network is regularly scanned for vulnerabilities with operational procedures in place to remediate any determined issues.

We are thrilled to achieve this milestone for our business and hope it demonstrates our commitment to security, privacy and confidentiality.