Interior Environments Coworking Design

Proximity has partnered with Denver’s Interior Environments to bring design services and implementation to the hundreds of coworking spaces in the Proximity Network. With access to more than 175 manufacturing partners, Interior Environments provides an extensive selection of furnishings in all budget ranges.

From new construction and buildout to design refreshes and upgrades, Interior Environments works with a wide range of clients in industries including healthcare, hospitality and education, and has designed spaces for numerous startups and large corporations across the country. Consultations start with learning about an organization’s culture and functional needs, then designers create a strategic plan and supporting visuals with tailored recommendations for each client.

“Visual appeal is usually the first thing prospective members notice in a coworking space, but functional design helps retain members over time,” says Josh Freed, CEO of Proximity. “Design can be a real challenge for coworking space owners if you haven’t done it before and don’t have experience in that area. We’re excited to make it easier for the Proximity Network to access expert designers and furniture solutions that aren’t readily available to most independent coworking spaces.”

Design for coworking spaces is unique in comparison to the average corporate office, as shared, communal space is often as much of a priority as private offices and meeting rooms. Community areas such as shared desks or couches are intended to encourage new connections and social activity without compromising productivity or privacy. 

“Coworking is community-driven and you need design that allows for natural interactions within the space,” says Jamie May, Principal and Business Development Consultant at Interior Environments. “We look forward to providing more coworking spaces with expert knowledge and resources to create unique settings where members really enjoy spending their time.”

On Nov. 20 Proximity will host Interior Environments for “10 Steps to Refresh Your Coworking Space.” As part of Proximity’s bi-monthly Coworking Community Call series, this free event is open to all coworking space owners and managers. Visit to register.

Coworking spaces in the Proximity Network can now access professional design services and order furnishings through Interior Environments. Learn more at