Startup Champions Network

Proximity has renewed its support of the Startup Champions Network, a national organization that provides startup ecosystem builders with resources to cultivate entrepreneurship in their local communities. From grassroots community influencers and government officials to corporate leaders and media members, ecosystem builders support innovation and work to create more resources for entrepreneurs.

Members of the Startup Champions Network help guide their communities in supporting entrepreneurial activity that drives economic growth and diversification, create conditions that encourage new businesses to develop, recognize and elevate high-performing startups, and track overall ecosystem growth and impact over time. 

“Many of our customers are located in rural areas and mid-size cities that are assessing how to achieve long-term economic growth,” says Brian Watson, Director of Community Development for Proximity. “Places like Des Moines and Staunton, Va. are leveraging resources through the Startup Champions Network to encourage new business activity in their communities. They’re learning how to support homegrown startups that create jobs and bring new revenue.”

Coworking spaces frequently serve as hubs of activity for startups, and hundreds of entrepreneurs work from locations in the Proximity Network. Shared spaces are a good fit for new businesses in need of a professional network and are often places to find talent including software engineers, product designers, or digital marketing experts who work on a freelance basis and have the skills to help startups create their products and bring them to market.

“The Proximity Network is full of people who leverage coworking as an entrypoint to supporting entrepreneurs and startups in their communities,” says Larkin Garbee, Interim Executive Director of the Startup Champions Network. “Coworking is how they’re attracting new ideas and skilled professionals which are the building blocks of entrepreneurial growth. We’re excited to continue our partnership with Proximity and get involved with more community leaders who have an ecosystem-building approach to their network.”

Members of the Startup Champions Network receive preferred pricing on the Proximity coworking software platform.

Members of the Proximity Network can visit to learn more about membership, programs, and how you can further support entrepreneurial growth in your communities.