Coworkers working out of a Nook Pod


Nook’s award-winning meeting spaces are available to the Proximity Network

If you manage a coworking space, your conference rooms and phone booths are likely hot commodities. Obviously your members have meetings to attend and phone calls to make, and this usually requires separate, dedicated space from your common areas. But sometimes members book these resources simply to get some privacy or find focus for an important task or project. When a single person or small group takes over a room designed for 10 people, it’s not a great use of resources. So how do you provide a quiet space to your members without building more meeting rooms? Enter Nook Pod, maker of flexible meeting spaces.

Proximity has partnered with Nook Pod to offer an integration and preferred pricing to the 400+ coworking spaces in the Proximity Network. Designed as a mobile, modular alternative to conference rooms, Nook Pods provide semi-private meeting space for small groups when larger rooms are booked or when common areas do not provide enough privacy.

Nook Pod was recently named 2019’s Best Furniture Solution/Piece at the Coworky Awards hosted by the Global Coworking Unconference Conference. Nook’s flexible design helps coworking spaces easily adapt to a demand for meetings, and allows expansion of meeting space without the time and cost associated with building dedicated conference rooms. Nooks are also popular with workers in open floor plans where quiet and privacy can be difficult to achieve. 

“We know the modern workforce wants the energy that comes with being surrounded by a community, but they also want opportunities to recharge and reflect in that setting,” says David O’Coimin, Chief Executive Officer of Nook Pod. “Whether it’s a one-on-one meeting or individual deep work that requires focus and quiet, our spaces are helping organizations address workplace wellbeing and productivity challenges.”  

Proximity software can be integrated into a Nook Pod to create a reservable resource and help streamline space utilization and monetization. Proximity software also helps coworking spaces manage door access, guest visits, package deliveries, internet access, membership billing, and events all through a single platform. For coworking spaces, Nook Pods help support remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs in forming new connections and collaborations.

“Small meetings are often where real innovation and connections occur, and our design is intentional in supporting that dynamic,” says O’Coimin.

“Nook is a natural partner for Proximity because we both believe in supporting the happiness, productivity, and mental health of modern workers,” says Josh Freed, Chief Executive Officer of Proximity. “Their solution is about enabling focus and privacy without creating exclusion. They’ve created a highly flexible and well-designed product that our network is going to love.”

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