The collaboration helps meet increased demand for integrated solutions in hybrid workplaces and flex spaces

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Workspace management software company Proximity announced today a partnership with Brivo, the global leader in cloud-based access control and smart building technologies. Brivo provides access management and security solutions for more than 70 thousand buildings globally and is a top choice among enterprise companies and asset managers for large-scale deployments.

Proximity’s workspace management platform helps streamline day-to-day operations and onsite experiences at workplaces, coworking spaces and flex offices. A new integration with Brivo connects customized user permissions in the Proximity platform to Brivo’s cloud-based access management system. Workspace users can unlock building and office doors secured with Brivo using Proximity’s mobile app, and digital key access automatically ends when a membership or reservation expires. The Proximity and Brivo integration enables greater flexibility and reduced burden for workspace managers who use Brivo technology and also need a solution for desk booking, meeting room management, onsite check-ins or space utilization reporting.

As workplaces increasingly shift to hybrid models, organizations are tasked with managing the office experience for employees who may no longer have a dedicated office or desk where they work each day. In some cases, employees may now also work from a company office other than a headquarters location, a model that’s gaining popularity.

“Where and how we work is becoming more flexible and more distributed,” says Proximity CEO Josh Freed. “In this evolving world of work it’s very challenging to allocate space and understand when and where employees are actually showing up to an office. Security, safety and gaining a clear picture of asset usage are top priorities for organizations right now.”

Brivo secures more than 300 million square feet of real estate for over 44,500 commercial accounts in over 70,000 buildings. The company sells technology through authorized dealers in 42 countries who complete professional installations for real estate projects of all sizes.

“Our partnership with Brivo will create an easier onboarding experience for our customers who want or have Brivo’s cloud technology and is part of Proximity’s initiative to expand our integrations with best-in-class workplace products,” says Freed.

Proximity also works with hundreds of coworking spaces. With more workplaces going hybrid or fully remote, many workers are relying on flexible space memberships or drop-in passes for access to private, professional workspace outside the home. Coworking spaces can serve as an ideal solution for those who still want office amenities and in-person interactions at work but may have moved away from a corporate office location, no longer have a company office or want to reduce commute times.

“Access management is the foundation for enabling a hybrid work environment,” says Steve Van Till, Founder and CEO of Brivo. “We’re excited to partner with Proximity to deliver a simplified user experience that sets a new standard for flexible space, coworking and workplace management.”

User check-in data from onsite visits at more than 400 coworking and flex spaces on the Proximity platform show that October 2021 was the highest month of usage across the network since March 2020. At a peak of 68,846 onsite check-ins, the increase is more than 13 times the lowest usage month near the start of the pandemic.

“We added a number of new customers over this time period,” says Freed. “That peak does represent some of our growth, but overall we’ve seen a steady increase in space utilization from March of this year through November. Reservations for meeting rooms and private phone booths also match this trend with significant increases from April through November.”

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Proximity is the workspace management platform that connects people and places. Workplace managers, coworking space operators and asset managers choose Proximity to streamline workspace memberships, desk booking, meeting room reservations, onsite check-ins, digital door access and Wi-Fi control. New features for hybrid workplaces include inventory management, visual floor plans and enhanced utilization reporting. Learn more at

About Brivo
Brivo, Inc., created the cloud-based access control and smart spaces technology category over 20 years ago and remains the global leader serving commercial real estate, multifamily residential and large distributed enterprises. The company’s comprehensive product ecosystem and open API provide businesses with powerful digital tools to increase security automation, elevate employee and tenant experience, and improve the safety of all people and assets in the built environment. Brivo’s building access platform is now the digital foundation for the largest collection of customer facilities in the world, occupying over 300 million square feet across 42 countries. On November 10, 2021, Brivo entered into a definitive merger agreement with Crown PropTech Acquisitions (NYSE: CPTK), which is anticipated to close in Q2 2022, subject to shareholder approvals and other closing conditions. The merger will result in Brivo becoming a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange under the new ticker symbol “BRVS.” To learn more, read Brivo’s press release:

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