The technology partnership matches workspace management software with popular tablets and displays for meeting rooms

Proximity announced today a partnership with PowerBx, a specialized provider of enterprise hardware solutions and integrated technology. PowerBx brings expertise in product selection and implementation for offices, coworking spaces and commercial real estate projects. Hardware solutions include meeting room scheduling displays for room booking and check-ins, visitor management kiosks and power solutions to simplify installations, device usage and charging.

The technology partnership enables Proximity to provide customers with easier access to enterprise-grade hardware. Tablets and display cases are shipped directly from PowerBx to workplaces and coworking spaces with pre-configured Proximity software and ready-to-mount hardware. The Proximity software platform helps workspace managers streamline desk and meeting room reservations, onsite check-ins, visitor management, building access and Wi-Fi access. The PowerBx partnership meets a need for hardware fulfillment as Proximity expands to hybrid workplaces and larger sites with a higher average number of bookable resources.

Organizations are increasingly adopting hybrid work models in which employees work partially onsite and partially from a location of their choosing, such as home, a coworking space or a short-term rental. Hybrid work increases location flexibility for employees, a perk that many workers want to retain beyond the pandemic. However, organizations must implement streamlined systems for managing the flexible workplace as the use of assigned desks, offices and conference rooms shifts with employee demand for working in a traditional office.

“Greater choice and flexibility in the workplace is a win-win for employees and organizations,” says Josh Freed, CEO of Proximity. “But workspace managers now have more logistics and technology options to consider if they want to keep things running smoothly for employees. Proximity’s partnership with PowerBx is one more way we can help simplify the buying process and provide our customers with best-in-class hardware solutions. They need a seamless experience for reserving and managing flexible workspace.”

Proximity provides workspace management technology to more than 400 coworking spaces. The company recently expanded its platform with new features for hybrid workplaces, including inventory management, visual floor plans, utilization reporting and integrations with building access providers SALTO and Brivo.

“We have long recognized the value of integrated and seamless office technology; the swift move to hybrid work environments has only further emphasized this point,” says Kyle Muir, CEO of PowerBx. “Our relationship with Proximity allows us to redefine the status quo and create truly turnkey end-user experiences. The result is powerful, simple point-to-point solutions that remove hurdles for facilities teams and curate more productive and collaborative team interactions.”

About Proximity

Proximity is the workspace management platform that connects people and places. Hybrid workplace managers and coworking space operators choose Proximity to manage workspace reservations, onsite check-ins, meeting rooms, digital door access and Wi-Fi control. Hundreds of workspace locations in the Proximity Network are accessible to remote companies, distributed teams and entrepreneurs around the world. Learn more at

About PowerBx

PowerBx is the industry leader in integrated space management tools and resources that power business experience. From purpose-built hardware to complete provisioning and deployment services, options are sleek, flexible and customized to your needs. PowerBx solutions empower companies around the globe to create smart spaces that support hybrid work. Learn more at

Proximity Meeting Room Management-PowerBx Astro
Proximity's meeting room management software displays on the PowerBx Astro Android tablet.