5 Ways to Beat the Summer-Slowdown Graphic

Summertime means school breaks, outdoor activities, and vacations. For coworking spaces, sometimes all of that busyness can mean a summertime slowdown. We recently discussed great ways to keep up that summer coworking revenue during one of our coworking community calls. Here’s what we learned:

1. Offer part-time memberships 

Create and offer flexible memberships that work with summertime schedules! These memberships are great for tourists or people whose busy schedules keep them from coming in full-time. Think about memberships that offer a certain number of hours per week, mornings-only, just evenings, one-week warrior, or 2-3 days a week. Summer is a great time to introduce parents who work from home to coworking. Offer a special on a summer-only membership: Now that the kids are home for the summer, you need a place to focus. Sign up for June, July, and August and take $50 off.

2. Connect with Airbnbs

Connect with people who are visiting your community and let them know that working while traveling is an option! Do a quick search of Airbnb.com and see who has a vacation rental in the area. Drop off brochures that they can provide in welcome packets and consider offering a small discount on drop-ins or week passes to their guests. You could also invite the Airbnb host to work out of your space at a discount or for free so they’ll know exactly what they’re recommending. In that same vein, reach out to nearby hotels, campgrounds, and state parks. Give them a special rate for their visitors and provide information about your space like posters, rack cards, coupons, and general information about coworking. Run a “show us your tent” promotion where you offer $5 off a drop-in to anyone camping in the area.

3. Take advantage of local events

Summertime means festivals, outdoor events, concerts and more! While people are trying to go from festivals to farmer’s markets they also might need a place to work in between. Partner with festival organizers and promoters, your local convention center, and your Parks and Rec department. Ask if you can put coworking coupons in their welcome bags for events. Create a special week-membership named after the event. Offer a discount so out-of-town promoters can make your space their home base while they’re running the event. Be sure to Instagram the event staff working at your space and help promote their event and we bet they’ll offer some love back your way too. (If you don’t know how to find contact info for local event promoters, check with your city or county’s planning department – they might be able to help!)

4. Bring-a-Friend days

During the summer months, make your slowest days Bring-a-Friend Days and allow your members to bring a friend with them for free. Even if these free drop-ins don’t lead to more memberships (though they probably they will), you’ll activate your space and bring more energy into an otherwise quiet day. Bring donuts or bagels that morning or lemonade in the afternoon and make sure your playlist is on point.

5. Partner with youth organizations

School’s out for summer! Which means parents are trying to keep their kids busy and active throughout the summer months while also getting work done. Partner with your local YMCA, Parks and Rec Department, VBS, etc. to get mom and dad coworking while their kiddos are at day camps. Or work with these organizations to host events at your coworking space. This allows your member’s kids to have some fun while their parents get some work done.

We discussed most of these and many other ideas during our coworking community call.  Be notified of upcoming calls, make sure to register for our community!