Try these five promotions at your coworking or flex space to attract new visitors and engage your current members

Summer is in full swing, which means vacations, a break from school and more activities on the calendar—especially in 2021 as we emerge from our homes, eager to return to the people and places we love. This also means more members are returning to coworking and flex spaces. Summer is typically a slower season for new memberships, and if your current members are keeping full schedules this season, they may not be in your space as frequently. Here are five ideas you can use this summer to keep member engagement high and attract new visitors to your space.


Host an Outdoor Event

Events were one of the first things to go during the pandemic, but gatherings are now considered safe for vaccinated individuals. Does your coworking space have a patio or rooftop access? Host a happy hour, morning yoga class, ice cream social or any other outdoor activity that your members and guests will be excited to put on their calendars. Outdoor events are simply more fun than a standard lunch and learn, so embrace the summer season and give your members a reason to show up and engage with their community. Require event registration and be sure to welcome all of your guests. Follow up with non-members about any special offers for first-time memberships or summer sign-ups.


Offer Student Memberships

If it’s a fit for your member community, consider selling a small number of discounted memberships for college students. Most students didn’t get the opportunity to attend classes in person on their campuses during the school year. For those who are home for the summer and need to get out of the house, your space could be the perfect solution for attending online summer classes. Offer a discounted punch pass or 60-day membership for a flexible seating area at your space. The fast Wi-Fi and focused environment will appeal to students who would otherwise be at a coffee shop.


Make It Easy for Tourists to Drop In

If your coworking space accepts daily drop-ins, make this loud and clear on your website and social media. It’s likely that tourists and visitors are combining their trips with some flexible work and need a secure and productive space to take a few meetings or catch up on emails. Enable online sales and reservations for day passes, and ensure your business hours are accurate on your Google My Business listing and website. The easier it is to acquire a day pass in advance, the more likely you are to convert visitors to a sale. 

Also take the time to refine your drop-in experience. Where do new visitors park? How do they access your building? How do they access your Wi-Fi network? How do they make reservations for a phone booth or meeting room? Ensure that instructions are clear and that each process is smooth. Your ultimate goal is for drop-ins to help generate extra revenue without dominating your community manager’s time or disrupting other members.


Partner with Local Event Organizers

Does your city host any special summertime events such as a startup week, festivals, conferences or races? Invite event organizers to use a meeting room or flexible seating at your coworking space in exchange for promotion to event attendees. Take some time to learn how these special events are promoted, and ask for logo presence on the event website, images of your space on social media, a physical banner at the event or a marketing offer in welcome bags. Tailor your offers to both local residents and to visitors who aren’t from the area. For locals, a free day pass for a first-time visit is a relevant offer, but out-of-town visitors shouldn’t receive any free access. Simply offer a slightly discounted day pass for redemption during the event.


Host a Bring-a-Friend Day

During the summer months, designate a day when your current monthly members can bring a friend for free. There is no marketing more powerful or effective than word-of-mouth, and this is a great opportunity to prompt your members to spread the word about your space and share with others why they enjoy it. Make the day extra special! Bring donuts or bagels in the morning and brew some extra coffee. Require registration and onsite check-in to ensure you can follow up with visitors to your space, and have a community manager on hand to answer questions or sign up new members.

Summer Promotions for Coworking

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